October 12 - 23, 202010:00am - 5:00pm

Without Instructions

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Without Instructions   Angela Davis Fegan, V Series, installation detail (2020), photo by Rustin McCann

SPACES teams up with The LBGT Center of Greater Cleveland to provide a creative engagement initiative around queer visibility and stratagies of care. We consider the textures, images, symbols, and objects that represent us and the meaning that becomes amplified or diminished when those materials are transposed into new contexts.

Participants from the LBGT Center are sharing small collections of personally significant images, objects, fabrics, magazine clippings, newspaper articles, or memorabilia. Those pieces are passed on to a SPACES partner who installs the collection. . . without instructions. . . in their homes and other places.

We'll co-host a community conversation with SPACES staff, LBGT Center staff, participants, and select A Public Trust artists. Stay tuned for that date and online link!

(*) All involved agree to follow guidelines for accountability and mutual respect, including acknowledging systems of privilege and power. We will center care in our interactions so all may feel empowered to take risks and engage challenging discussions.

*Attribution: principles for anti-oppression work adapted from Common Field and Navel: Braver Space Intentions

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