January 28, 202112:00pm - 1:00pm

Virtual Artist Talk: Alicia Grullón and Leo Selvaggio

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Virtual Artist Talk: Alicia Grullón and Leo Selvaggio Image from: Please Don't Let it Be Too Close, Alicia Grullón  [ID: An image of a house in the Cleveland suburbs is printed on wallpaper and hung in a gallery with green turf on the floor.]

Artist-in-Residence Alicia Grullón (New York, NY) and Time Based Artist Leo Selvaggio (Providence, RI) join SPACES' Executive Director Tizziana Baldenebro in conversation. They will discuss the 2020 Election, their approaches to practice, and the possibilites of their work if the elections had an alternate ending.


About the Artists

Alicia Grullón

Alicia Grullón, a 2018-2019 Artist-in-Residence at The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics at New York University, directs her interdisciplinary practice toward critiques of the politics of presence, arguing for the inclusion of disenfranchised communities in political and social spheres. She is co-organizer and co-author of the People’s Cultural Plan,... Go to Artist Page

Leo Selvaggio

Leo Selvaggio, born 11/06/1984, is an Interdisciplinary Artist and Designer whose work examines the entanglement of identity with technology within the context of civic action. He has exhibited in France, Canada, Switzerland, the Netherlands and broadly in the US. Selvaggio’s work has been featured in Businessweek, Hyperallergic,Techcrunch, The Washington Post,... Go to Artist Page

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