February 4, 20216:00pm - 7:30pm

Virtual Artist Talk: Season Pass Members' Exhibition 2021

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Virtual Artist Talk: Season Pass Members' Exhibition 2021 Left to right: Works by Dale A. Goode, Leigh Brooklyn, Chi-Irena Wong, Alex Heard, Lauren Charlene Havel, and Timothy Herron.  [ID: On the left wall of the gallery, there are three wall-mounted sculptural assemblages by Dale A. Goode. The assemblages, constructed from found objects, wood, and fabrics, are coated uniformly in gold paint. Between the second and third assemblage is a framed oil painting on linen by Leigh Brooklyn. The painting depicts a woman standing on the top of hill overlooking an unspecified city. She is armed with a rifle, making direct eye contact with the viewer, and has three stuffed animals at her feet. To the right of Goode's third assemblage is a configuration of three framed small-scale paintings by Chi-Irena Wong. The paintings depict a playful cityscape inhabited by fish, a cluttered scene of a circular shoe factory, and a small figure peering into the lens of a giant camera. In the corner of the gallery, there is a freestanding soft sculpture by Alex Heard. The sculpture, made from polyester fleece, foam, and shoes, depicts a traffic cone with legs clad in tubesocks and white sneakers. On the back wall of the gallery, there is a configuration of three paintings of various sizes and media by Lauren Charlene Havel. The paintings depict a goose seated in a wooded area, a garbage can with wilted roses hanging out of the top, and woman floating in a swimming pool on an inflatable tube at night. To the right of Havel's work, in the far-right corner of the image, is an oil painting by Timothy Herron. The painting depicts a street corner at night with UFOs in the sky and soldiers pointing guns at alien-hybrid people.]

Join us for a virtual conversation with artists featured in the 2021 Season Pass Members' Exhibition.

This group show exhibits the engaging work of SPACES’ artist members. SPACES’ member shows have long celebrated the creativity and ingenuity of artists in Cuyahoga County. From abstract landscapes to golden detritus, this group show is an opportunity for regional art to be in dialogue.

The Season Pass Members’ Exhibition features works by: Lena Atomika, Leigh Brooklyn, Laura D'Alessandro, Eileen Dorsey, Dale A. Goode, Lauren Charlene Havel, Alex Heard, David F. Heatwole, Timothy Herron, George F. Kocar, Tessa Lebaron, Ashley Lynn, Barbara Martin, Samantha Schneider, Grace Summanen, and Chi-Irena Wong.

Follow the link below for the recorded virtual conversation.


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