March 4, 202112:00pm - 1:00pm

Meet the Artist: Martha Poggioli

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Meet the Artist: Martha Poggioli Circle-T/ype Pessary Cosmology. Martha Poggioli, digital map, 2019  [ID: 41 black & white diagrams of contraceptive devices collaged in a spiral formation]

Join us in welcoming our upcoming Artist-in-Residence, Martha Poggioli (Brisbane, AU).

This virtual event is FREE and open to the public!

Expanding her ongoing investigation into histories of reproductive technology, Poggioli will partner with the Dittrick Medical History Center and Sears think[box] at Case Western Reserve University during her residency in Cleveland. The culminating exhibition at SPACES will combine research findings alongside new sculptural works initiated during her time at the Arts/Industry Residency in Foundry at Kohler during 2020. The project invites audiences to enter into this rich, nuanced and hidden world and discover these prosthetics of interiority.


About the Artist

Martha Poggioli

Martha Poggioli (Brisbane, AU) is an artist working to uncover patterns, occurrences and languages hidden within the vast constellation of human made things. Exploiting methodologies and legacies of design, she investigates material histories to address personal questions relating to embodiment, representation and identity. Interested in banal objects, (un)natural bodies and... Go to Artist Page

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