April 8, 202112:00pm - 1:00pm

Meet the Artist: Mildred Beltré

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Meet the Artist: Mildred Beltré Presence #3, Mildred Beltré. Walnut Ink and Digital Print on Paper, 35"x50", 2017.  [ID: An image of a human figure standing partially nude, cropped from the collarbone to the shins. The image is composed of muted brown circles of ink against a black background.]

Join us in welcoming our upcoming Artist-in-Residence, Mildred Beltré (Brooklyn, NY).

This virtual event is FREE and open to the public!

Mildred Beltré is a multidisciplinary artist, activist, and educator. For this project, Beltré will continue her exploration of text, textile and the Black body through an exhibition and workshop space. Working in colorful, pixelated patterns, Beltré uses cross-stitched messages that explore political movements and their associated social relations and structures. Introducing domestic and handmade qualities to her practice, she will bring a communal and inviting approach to this exhibition.


About the Artist

Mildred Beltré

Mildred Beltré is Brooklyn based artist, mother and activist working in print, drawing and participatory politically engaged practice, to explore facets of social change. She is interested in exploring political movements and their associated social relations and structures. Her most recent work involves looking at revolutionary theorizing and posturing through... Go to Artist Page

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