Volunteers Needed!

In 2020, Tamir Rice Foundation and SPACES launched a city-wide art supply drive for youth incarcerated in the Cuyahoga County Detention Center. The drive culminated in a series of workshops and ended with the memorable Youth Exhibition at SPACES titled Home Soon.

This year Tamir Rice Foundation is repurposing the four collection bins installed around town for a new drive--collecting books and school supplies for youth and families within the Aida Refugee Camp, where residents built a memorial for Tamir Rice in 2016.

SPACES is seeking volunteers to help Tamir Rice Foundation transition into their new drive cycle. We are looking for volunteers to help with the following tasks:

Bin Cleaning
Clean the bins and remove the existing project description, which is printed and adhered to the bins in vinyl.
When: Anytime between June 5-12
Location: Bins are located at Roxboro Elementary/Middle School (Cleveland Heights), Marion C. Seltzer Elementary School (Cudell) and Toby’s Plaza (Uptown)
*Cleaning supplies will be provided by SPACES

Supply Haul + Storage
Help SPACES + TRF staff empty any remaining supplies from the bins and haul them to the TRF’s storage unit.
When: June 4th and/or 5th.
Location: See Above
*Optional: Stick around and help us organize!

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