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August 18 - October 15, 20231:25pm - 12:00pm

Alicia Vasquez "Unfolded, Desplegado"

Part of Urgent Art Fund

Appropriate for ages All Ages

Alicia Vasquez
Alicia Vasquez

In these colorful series of mandala illustrations Alicia focuses on human mental health and the importance of mental health and practicing meditation and self-awareness. She focuses particularly on minority populations to create a meditative and serene visual soothing effect to help soothe and create positive memories or feelings. In some cultures, mandalas come in many forms and are deemed as a symbol of an ideal universe. Each illustration incorporates a rendering of a themed mandala. During her gallery show at FIG arts gallery, she will emphasize on stations of having art therapy experience’s where the artwork, colorful light and sound can create positive memories. Next to each artwork, there will be journals with pen for community members to view and then write down a memory or experience that is uniquely theirs. Her intentions to fully unfold the real stories and see what else might be there and to bring awareness to mental health in the community. She wants to bring awareness on the change in behavioral and mental health as compared to the minority population to overall communities and to encourage engagement throughout the time physically spent together.

Colorful and colorful lights these series will be one that she wishes to bring joy and happiness to everyone in the community.

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