November 17, 2006 - January 5, 2007


Richard Fiorelli (Euclid, OH), Stephan Hillerbrand (Houston, TX), Tsehai Johnson (Denver, CO), Lauren Kalman (Detroit, MI), Mary Magsamen (Houston, TX), Alexandra Newmark (Brooklyn, NY), Kortney Niewierski (Kent, OH), Liz Sargent (Savannah, GA), Travis Townsend (Lexington, OH), Barbara Weissberger (Pittsburgh, PA), Tessa Windt (Phoenix, AZ)

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Misdemeanor 1

Misdemeanor 1  2007 | photograph | photographic documentation by Jerry Mann

Misdemeanor 5

Misdemeanor 5  2007 | photograph | photographic documentation by Jerry Mann

Misdemeanor 4  2007 | photograph | photographic documentation by Jerry Mann

Misdemeanor 3  2007 | photograph | photographic documentation by Jerry Mann

Misdemeanor 2

Misdemeanor 2  2007 | photograph | photographic documentation by Jerry Mann

Artists in Misdemeanor create a sense of otherness from the world we inhabit. Some artists transform or mutate everyday items so that we recognize what they were, but see something new. Others examine aspects of our lives, including questions about reality and our role in society. The exhibition features the work of 11 local and national artists working with sculpture, video, installation, photography, ceramics and mixed media.

About the Artists

Richard Fiorelli

Richard Fiorelli received his BFA in Painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art and his MFA in Sculpture from Syracuse University. Fiorelli is a professor in the Foundation Department at the Cleveland Institute of Art. At CIA he has worked in the Continuing Education Program, the Portfolio Preparation Program and... go to artist page

Stephan Hillerbrand

Stephan Hillerbrand is a German/American educator, artist and arts activist who lives and works in Houston, Texas. Hillerbrand earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture from Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas (1989); a Masters of Arts degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. The artistic team of... go to artist page

Tsehai Johnson

Tsehai Johnson is a Colorado based artist whose interests explore the boundaries between public and private life. Her performative events and installations encourage reflection on the tension between order and function as expressed through the objects that populate our lives. Making porcelain objects, interactive installations, and mixed-media wall pieces, she... go to artist page

Lauren Kalman

Lauren Kalman is a visual artist based in Detroit, whose practice is invested in contemporary craft, video, photography and performance. Through her work she investigates beauty, adornment, body image, value, and consumer culture. Raised in the Midwest, Kalman completed her MFA in Art and Technology from the Ohio State University... go to artist page

Mary Magsamen

The artistic team of Hillerbrand+Magsamen is the collaboration of Stephan Hillerbrand and Mary Magsamen. Together they create sculpture, installation, performance, video and photographic works they call “Suburban Fluxus”. Often including their two children, Madeleine and Emmett in their work, the family critiques and playfully scrutinizes contemporary suburban life. Hillerbrand+Magsamen have... go to artist page

Alexandra Newmark

Alexandra has exhibited solo at The Fourth Room, The Front Room, and PS122.She received her MFA in Sculpture from Bard College in 2001, her BFA in Sculpture from Parsons School of Design in 1998 and her BA in Education from Eugene Lang College in 1998. go to artist page

Kortney Niewierski

Kortney has exhibited solo at Exit Gallery, and in group shows at Legation Gallery, Asterisk Gallery and Heights Arts. She received her MFA in Sculpture from Kent State University in 2005 and her BFA in Sculpture from The Ohio State University in 2003. Since 2006 she has been an adjunct professor at... go to artist page

Liz Sargent

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Travis Townsend

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Barbara Weissberger

Barbara Weissberger was born in New Jersey, lived in San Francisco and New York before moving to Pittsburgh where she has been based since 2002. Her improvisational photographs, sewn collages and soft sculptures are concerned with bodies, perception and sensation. Her work has been shown at the Drawing Center, Silver... go to artist page

Tessa Windt

I am endlessly attracted to the undulations, mobilities and lethargies of cloth. Continual arrangement and re-arrangement of cloth draw my work back to the here-and-now, to the back-and-forth, to-and-fro, rock-and-roll of materiality, yours and mine. I revel in arrangement as a means to re-combine material and pictorial, literal and formal, visceral... go to artist page

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