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September 7 - October 19, 2007

From Here to Infinity & The Big Bang

Jeff Bechtel (Brooklyn, NY), Charlotte Beckett (New York City, NY), Libby Black (Berkeley, CA), Lauren Bugaj (Cleveland, OH), Timothy Callaghan (Cleveland, OH), Sarah Chuldenko (Los Angeles, CA), Michael Cirelli (Manchester, NH), Ryan Da Vita (Cleveland, OH), Laura Davis (Chicago, IL), Michael Dotson (Cleveland, OH), Andrea Gaydos Landau (Philadelphia, PA), Derek Gelvin (Cleveland Heights, OH), Robert Goodman (Philadelphia, PA), Scott Goss (Cleveland, OH), Ben Grasso (Brooklyn, NY), Joann Harrah (Brooklyn, NY), Matthew Johnson (Brooklyn, NY), Anna Lorich Akers (Norfolk, VA), Phil Lynam (Indianapolis, IN), Liz Mandeville (Brooklyn, NY), Chris McLaughlin (Charleston, SC, SC), Ed Mullen (Jersey City, New Jersey, NJ), Michelle Murphy (Chicago + Cleveland, OH), Erika Neola (New York City, OH), Bill Newhouse (Chicago, IL), Lisa Ramsey (Brooklyn, NY), Mark Reigelman II (New York, NY), Donna Rogers (Cleveland, OH), Stephanie Schwallie (Brooklyn, NY), Kelly Simpson (Langhorn, PA), Nathan Tersteeg (Richmond, VA), Ann Toebbe (Chicago, IL), Tom Vance (Philidelphia, PA), Nancy Yusko (New York, NY)

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From Here to Infinity & The Big Bang

  untitled (barge) Ben Grasso | 2006

From Here to Infinity & The Big Bang
From Here to Infinity & The Big Bang

This single exhibition in two parts at two venues with two curators celebrates the 125th anniversary of the Cleveland Institute of Art. View the work of 54 artist alumni, some established in their careers and some yet emerging at CIA's Reinberger Galleries and SPACES. SPACES presents up-to-the-moment work from recent CIA graduates in The Big Bang. Curated by Julie Langsam.

About the Artists

Jeff Bechtel

Jeff Bechtel earned his BFA in Sculpture from The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH. His work bridges the gap between photography and traditional painting via many digital and manual channels. It commonly involves cyclic processes of generating or acquiring images, recycling, remixing rescanning and reprocessing them. They are freely... go to artist page

Charlotte Beckett

Charlotte Becket lives and works in New York City where she is also an Associate Professor in the Art Department at Pace University. She received her BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art and an MFA from Hunter College in New York City. Recent solo and two person exhibitions include... go to artist page

Libby Black

Libby Black was born in Toledo, OH on June 19th, 1976. She earned her BFA in painting at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH in 1999 and an MFA at the California College of Arts, Oakland, CA in 2001, where she was also an adjunct professor of Painting, Drawing... go to artist page

Lauren Bugaj

Lauren Bugaj was born July 23, 1979 and passed away on November 10, 2006. She is survived by her parents Karen and Ron Thier, Greg and Amy Bugaj, and her siblings Erin, Kayleigh and Jared. She earned her BFA in Photography from The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH... go to artist page

Timothy Callaghan

Timothy Callaghan, born in 1976, Toledo, OH, earned his MFA from Kent State University, Kent, OH in 2005 and BFA in Painting from The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH in 1999. He has shown at Frederieke Taylor Gallery, New York City; William Busta Gallery, Cleveland; Zygote Press, Cleveland; and... go to artist page

Sarah Chuldenko

Sarah Chuldenko was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1978. She has lived and worked in New York City for the past 10 years and now resides in Los Angeles, California. She earned her MFA in Painting from New York Art Academy and BFA in Painting from The Cleveland Institute of... go to artist page

Michael Cirelli

Michael Cirelli has spent the past 11 years photographing weddings all over New England. Michael lives and works in Manchester, NH. Michael is a featured photographer on, The Inn at Mill Falls, Sunset Hill House and has had photographs featured in several different Bridal magazines. Michael holds numerous awards... go to artist page

Ryan Da Vita

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Laura Davis

Laura Davis, born 1971 in Holland, MI, is a Chicago based artist working in sculpture, drawing and installation. Her work examines the intersection of craft, design and art by using display structures to conflate notions of value and context. Davis holds a MFA in Studio Art from the University of... go to artist page

Michael Dotson

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Andrea Gaydos Landau

Andrea Gaydos Landau is an artist and educator living in Philadelphia, PA. Recently, her work has been exhibited nationally at Rowan University in NJ, Daimler Financial Corporate Headquarters in MI, and internationally at Korea National University of the Arts in Seoul, South Korea. Her work appeared in "Hothouse", an exhibition... go to artist page

Derek Gelvin

Derek Gelvin's work reflects and comments on the arduous day-to-day happenings within the industrial environments that served as the backdrop to his upbringing. In his Cleveland studio, Gelvin continues to pursue these experiences by working side-by-side with local artists and businesses in an attempt to bridge the gap between art... go to artist page

Robert Goodman

Robert Goodman earned his MFA in Painting from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, in 2004 and his BFA in Painting from The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH, in 2002. He also studied at Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland, for a year. Goodman has exhibtied at Seraphin... go to artist page

Scott Goss

Scott Goss creates surreal, experiential installations that explore human nature and the connections we have to those around us. A typical protagonist in his work, Goss often researches and dissects his own psychology, so to better understand himself and others around him. As he has stated “my works tend to... go to artist page

Ben Grasso

Ben Grasso paints fabricated disasters and the destruction of archetypal houses flying through the air. These large scale theatrical paintings almost reach a form of abstraction. The action sequences that he depicts of exploding elements are created with oils on paper. In his paintings he captures movement and energy, zooming... go to artist page

Joann Harrah

Joann Harrah is a contemporary artist who lives and works in New York. She received her BFA at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2003. She was dedicated to the program, where skilled craftsmanship and vigorous art theory was emphasized. She received The Hazel Haynes Schmitkons Scholarship for Excellence in... go to artist page

Matthew Johnson

Matthew Johnson earned his BFA in Painting from The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH. go to artist page

Anna Lorich Akers

Anna Lorich Akers founded Lorak Designs Fine Jewelry in 2009, after finishing graduate school and receiving her MFA degree from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2006. Anna's fine art jewelry has been featured in numerous galleries, publications, and museums. In addition to her narrative, and material exploratory fine... go to artist page

Phil Lynam

Phillip Lynam was born in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1976. He received his BFA in painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1999 and his MFA from the University of Maryland in 2001. After several years as an adjunct professor of art and design in the Washington, D.C. area, Phillip... go to artist page

Liz Mandeville

For the Big Bang catalogue, Liz Mandeville writes, "This dated print material - newspaper - an information industry short to this life. To most, discarded at day's end. This lends me a perfectly useful palette of flesh, black and white, to indulge my curiosity about life's history, legends, and profound... go to artist page

Chris McLaughlin

For the Big Bang catalogue, Chris McLaughlin writes, "My work comprises several types of pictorialism. An on-going series of mine contains smaller scale works with images I have put together that are derivative of the Pop movement and advertising tactics. My visual decision-making emanates from product design, punnery, formal pairings... go to artist page

Ed Mullen

For The Big Bang catalogue, Ed Mullen writes, "The role of the designer is to create solutions that serve the needs of his or her client. In my work, this usually involves creating an online experience that is analogous to telling the client's story. The goal of the designer, then,... go to artist page

Michelle Murphy

Michelle Murphy (b. 1981) is currently pursuing an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and received a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2004. Her artwork has been published and exhibited Internationally, including exhibitions in NYC, Paris, Geneva Switzerland, Chicago, Guatemala... go to artist page

Erika Neola

From "As a photographer I am interested in public and private spaces and what they say about the people who inhabit or utilize them. I do not limit myself by going out to make photographs with a plan, but rather, I choose to respond instinctively to my surroundings...Beyond my compulsive... go to artist page

Bill Newhouse

For the Big Bang catalogue, Bill Newhouse writes, "Through situations beyond my control, I ended up living in a monastic way. Isolated and alone, challenging my faith in (the) living, painting has become an ally, a negotiation with the reality of our weaknesses. Painting is a touchstone to address notions... go to artist page

Lisa Ramsey

Lisa Ramsey is an artist, cartoonist, and set designer who splits her time between Pittsburgh and New York City. She earned her BFA in Painting from The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH. go to artist page

Mark Reigelman II

With several years of combined art and design education, Reigelman has developed a body of work that encompasses product, jewelry, interior and graphic design as well as architecture and creative counseling. Avoiding function and economics as the sole factors for design, this work brings everyday life into the conceptual realm,... go to artist page

Donna Rogers

Donna Rogers earned her BFA in Photography from The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH. go to artist page

Stephanie Schwallie

For the Big Bang catalogue, Stephanie Schwallie writes, "As paranoia and an absurd sense of fear become the norm in American culture, my work reflects the current mood of the country through the way we dress. Combining the worlds of fashion and jewelry, each piece gives a false sense of... go to artist page

Kelly Simpson

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Nathan Tersteeg

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Ann Toebbe

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Tom Vance

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Nancy Yusko

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