September 7 - October 19, 2007

Work Out

Libby Black (Berkeley, CA)

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Work Out
Work Out (installation view bench)

Work Out (installation view bench)  Libby Black | 2007 | mixed media | Jerry Mann

Work Out (installation view)

Work Out (installation view)  Libby Black | 2007 | paper, hot glue, paint, and mirrors | Jerry Mann

Work Out

For years Texas-based artist Libby Black has engaged in a simulacrum of the high-stakes world of fashion forgeries. Her copies are constructed with easily found materials with imperfections that lend a humour to her work. Work Out deepens the approach to seduction and branding. Made from paper, the life-sized installation is a mock socialite gym, with brands from Burberry to Chanel adorning the weights and punching bags. The hyper-branded gear in the installation allows the viewer to laugh at themselves and cravings for designer labels.

About the Artist

Libby Black

Libby Black was born in Toledo, OH on June 19th, 1976. She earned her BFA in painting at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH in 1999 and an MFA at the California College of Arts, Oakland, CA in 2001, where she was also an adjunct professor of Painting, Drawing... go to artist page

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