January 18 - March 7, 2008


Christa Donner (Chicago, IL)

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the artist discussing her work

the artist discussing her work  Christa Donner | 2008 | Jerry Mann

inheritance (detail)

inheritance (detail)  Christa Donner | 2008 | ink, acrylic, cut paper, and vellum collage | Jerry Mann

Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test  Christa Donner | 2008 | latex print, ink, paper | Jerry Mann

During her residency at SPACES, Donner teamed up with biologist Andrew Yang to create an animated video and a series of large-scale drawings. Borrowing from the reproductive models of varying organisms to produce new visions of human reproduction, she was deeply influenced by current issues such as the availability of fertility drugs and the ever-growing possibilities of human genetic modification. Donner expanded her project by interviewing more than 30 local women on the topics of fertility and identity. These stories, along with biologically inspired imagery, culminate in a new zine project, which examines the (sometimes frightening) consequences of confronting one's own reproductive power.

About the Artist

Christa Donner

Christa Donner was born in 1975 in Morristown, New Jersey. Her father, an oboe player with a doctorate in physics and her mother, a professional flautist and talented accordionist, soon decided to relocate to the bustling metropolis that is Fort Wayne, Indiana, where Christa spent most of her formative years.After... go to artist page

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