September 5 - October 17, 2008


Curated by Angelica Pozo

Bruno Casiano (Cleveland, OH), Juan-Sí González (Yellow Springs, OH), V. Robin Grice (Ann Arbor, MI), Saskia Jorda (Tempe, AZ), Michelangelo Lovelace Sr. (Cleveland, OH), Nicole Marroquin (Chicago, IL), Sana Musasama, Akosua Adoma Owusu (Washington D.C. & Accra, Ghana, CA), Shani Richards (New York, NY), Rafael Valdivieso-Troya (Cleveland Heights, OH, OH)

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  [karto gra'fia] Saskia Jorda | 2008 | mixed-media installation, handmade felt |


For as much as multi-cultural America is seen as heading towards a uni-cultural blend, there are many groups of Americans who still live a dual life. Bi-Lingual presents the work of African American and Latino artists who speak to this duality in art-making and identity utilizing verbal, physical and visual language.

About the Artists

Bruno Casiano

From "As a child growing up in the Island of Puerto Rico, I encountered the wild rural life of a small town called Juana Diaz. This has been the motivating factor of my artwork, composed of subconscious interpretations of mountains, mangos, ceiba trees, caves, and the awareness of being... go to artist page

Juan-Sí González

Juan Si González was born in Santiago de Cuba. He is an interdisciplinary artist who doesn’t subscribe to any one discipline; his choice of media depends on the idea. In 1987, he co-founded “Group Art-De” (standing for art and rights) and began doing interactive performances in the streets of Habana... go to artist page

V. Robin Grice

V. Robin Grice collaborated with Nicole Marroquin in Bi-Lingual. They write of their process:"This collaborative installation is a part of an ongoing conversation between two artists about the multi-dimensional realities and requirements of being women of color in contemporary American society. Through the figure and various constructed objects, we're attempting... go to artist page

Saskia Jorda

Saskia Jorda was born in Caracas, Venezuela and works with site-specific installations, drawings, and performances that map the tension between retaining one's identity and assimilating a foreign persona. She recieved her BFA in Painting from Arizona State University in 2000, her MFA from the School of Visual Arts, New York,... go to artist page

Michelangelo Lovelace Sr.

Michelangelo Lovelace Sr. was born and raised in Cleveland,Ohio in 1960. As a child Lovelace began drawing to escape the hard reality of growing up in a single parent household. Michelangelo Lovelace Sr. loved to draw and by the age of 22 he started to use oil paints and then... go to artist page

Nicole Marroquin

Nicole Marroquin received her MFA from University of Michigan in 2008 and her BFA from Eastern Michigan University with a K-12 Art Education Certification in 1999. She is currently an Associate Professor of Art Education at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has exhibited at Defibrillator, Chicago; Museo... go to artist page

Sana Musasama

"My development as a ceramic artist has been animated by an impulse to explore the world. In my course of inquiry into the clay cultures of the globe, I have mastered various techniques, firing atmospheres, and surfaces. Enriched by this exploration, my work emerges from and exists in a domain... go to artist page

Akosua Adoma Owusu

"Within my videos and films, a rhythm is generated both visually and musically. The pacing and editing become a soundtrack. Patterns and montages are integral to the work. Different cultural sites are continually layered atop one another and back again. The heart of my sculptures, films, and videos are loaded... go to artist page

Shani Richards

Shani Richards is a graduate of Mary Schiller Myers School of Art, University of Akron. go to artist page

Rafael Valdivieso-Troya

Our languages tie us to our world, our experiences and our beliefs. Worlds are opened and limited by language. Different tongues render untranslatable variations that describe the subtleties of the human essence. Amid the efforts to cultivate my creative freedom and to promote reflection, my work becomes the outcome of... go to artist page

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