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January 30 - April 3, 2009

Flash Forward

Nate Cotterman (Cleveland, OH), Dragana Crnjak, Yumiko Goto (Cleveland, OH), Ann Hanrahan, Mike Jones (Cleveland, OH), Jaime Kennedy (Kent, OH), Amy Kreiger (Washington, DC), Peter Philip Luckner (Cleveland, OH), Lorri Ott, Glenn Ratusnik (Lakewood, OH), Jennifer Schulman, Kelly Urquhart (Kent, OH)

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Flash Forward
Flash Forward

  Jon Nathaniel Cotterman |

Flash Forward

  Lori Ott |

SPACES recognizes the talents of artists in our backyard, side yard, front yard, and driveway in Flash Forward, an exhibition featuring Northeast Ohio college graduates who jump creative fences in the contemporary art scene while continuing to live and work in the region.

About the Artists

Nate Cotterman

Nate Cotterman is known for his modern interpretation of glass objects, using traditional Venetian glass blowing techniques. Challenging low-end production with innovative design and handmade quality. Nate Cotterman has created a line of bar ware, lighting, and home décor that is both subtle and powerful. His simple forms highlight the... go to artist page

Dragana Crnjak

Dragana Crnjak toys with viewers perceptions in wall drawings that somehow manage to create impossible illusions even as they seem only fleetingly present. Her fragmented images, drawn with charcoal directly on the wall, insist on the almost physical presence of the artists hand. She has surely and literally left her... go to artist page

Yumiko Goto

Yumiko Goto manipulates clay into abstracted collages of natural elements and natural forces, allowing it to simultaneously express and defy its own inherent qualities. A heavy, raw and cracked surface may, for example, be punctuated by an impossibly delicate and beautifully glazed rococo construction that seems as natural as an... go to artist page

Ann Hanrahan

In her paintings and works on paper, Ann Hanrahan responds to what she calls the bombardment of information that she encounters every day with a deliberative process that seeks to keep order and chaos in constant, if pre- carious, balance. Imposing regularized patterns on more intuitively rendered forms, she creates... go to artist page

Mike Jones

Mike Jones received his BFA in Sculpture, with a Minor in Art History and Digital Imaging, from Myers School of Art, University of Akron. He has shown at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI; Cleveland Ingenuity Festival; World Saxophone Congress, Ljubljana, Slovenia; BK Smith Gallery, Lake Erie College, Painesville, OH; and... go to artist page

Jaime Kennedy

Jaime Kennedy is an Associate Professor in the School of Visual Communication Design. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree at The Ohio State University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Photo Illustration at the Rochester Institute of Technology. After completing his degree at RIT,... go to artist page

Amy Kreiger

The subjects of Amy Kreiger's portraits or "Virtual Identities," as she refers to them hover somewhere between the real and the constructed. The series began in cyberspace with a posting on requesting photographs from other myspace members that the subjects believed accurately expressed their personalities through clothing, accessories and... go to artist page

Peter Philip Luckner

Peter Philip Luckner works in both video and painting. In his work, he mediates his painted images through video animation, building paintings layer by layer, shooting video frames every step of the way and incorporating live video footage in the final composition. The process is not merely documented along the... go to artist page

Lorri Ott

Lorri Ott experiments with both material and process. Her recent wall works are built with multiple pours of pigmented resin, canvas, muslin and paint. Abstract and gestural, Otts works evoke the sensual surfaces of paintings (an allusion abetted by the canvas and muslin) even as they assert their artificial nature. "Experimental... go to artist page

Glenn Ratusnik

Glenn Ratusnik received his BFA in Printmaking from Kent State University. He has shown at Notre Dame College, Cleveland, OH; FAVA Gallery, Oberlin, OH; Bay Arts, Bay Village, OH; Zygote Press, Cleveland, OH, Visible Voice, Tremont, OH; and more. go to artist page

Jennifer Schulman

Jennifer Schulman creates interactive games and toys that grew out of her firsthand observations and overheard comments in her K-5 classrooms. Her work deals with the all-too-real issue of domestic abuse. Drawing upon her undergraduate training in art education and graduate studies in studio art and family and justice studies,... go to artist page

Kelly Urquhart

For Kelly Urquhart and Jaime Kennedy, a tug-of-war between natural systems and human attempts to impose order is integral to their work, in this case a series of composite prints on watercolor paper with ink drawing. Building images of the natural and the constructedusing both manual and technological mediathey seamlessly... go to artist page

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