May 15 - July 17, 2009

Internal Compasses

Nicole Baumann (Nashville, TN), Derek Coté (Grosse Point, MI), Sarah FitzSimons (Madison, WI), Xia Gao (East Lansing, MI), Greg Murr, Susken Rosenthal, Michael Sherwin (Morgantown, West Virginia), Eric Sung

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Internal Compasses
Internal Compasses
Internal Compasses

Internal Compasses features visual thinkers who map, code, and catalog experiences and information, then systematically arrange the material evidence according to personal internal strategies. This exhibition takes viewers on a journey through imagination and inquiry by way of pattern and process.

About the Artists

Nicole Baumann

Nicole Baumann was born in Hicksville, NY and received her MFA and BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA. She has shown throughout Virginia, Tennessee, New York, Ohio and Kansas, including exhibits at Quirk Gallery in Richmond, VA, Gallery F in Nashville, TN, Lancaster Museum of Art in Lancaster, PA,... go to artist page

Derek Coté

As a frustrated architect, explorer and aspiring short filmmaker, Derek Coté received his MFA (sculpture + extended media) from Virginia Commonwealth University and BFA (sculpture and photography with a minor in art history) from Western Washington University. He has had screenings and exhibitions nationally and internationally including exhibitions at the... go to artist page

Sarah FitzSimons

Sarah FitzSimons works with oceans, deserts, rivers, and mountain ranges, exploring collisions of the physical and metaphoric. Her work combines sculpture, outdoor installation, photography and video. FitzSimons earned her MFA in 2005 from the University of California and her BFA in Sculpture and her BA in Political Science in 2000 from... go to artist page

Xia Gao

Xia Gao is a visual artist who primarily works with textile/fiber, installation, printing and mixed media. Her works often address personal and cultural adaptation and transformation. She received her BA and MS in Fashion Design from Donghua University (formerly China Textile University) and her MFA in Textile Design and Art... go to artist page

Greg Murr

From "Greg Murr (b. 1971 in Columbus, Ohio) is an American artist concentrating in drawing, painting and print media. Responding to places that include New Mexico's high desert, the Venetian lagoon, and the cities of New York and Berlin, he draws from local phenomena to explore ideas of change and... go to artist page

Susken Rosenthal

Susken Rosenthal received her MFA from School of Fine Arts, Florenz, and University of the Arts Berlin. She has shown at Deutscher Sportbund, Frankfurt a.M.; KX Kunst auf Kampnagel, Hamburg; Het Stroomhuis, Neerijen, Holland; Rathaus Tempelhof, Berlin; Kunsthaus Raskolnikow, Dresden; go to artist page

Michael Sherwin

Michael Sherwin received his MFA in Photography from the University of Oregon and his BFA in Photography from The Ohio State University. He has shown at Pittsburgh Filmmakers Gallery; CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY; Gallery One Visual Arts Center, Ellensburg, Washington; The Medicine Factory, Memphis; and Punch Gallery, Seattle, among others. go to artist page

Eric Sung

From "Photography is a doorway that leads from me to everything else. My artistic interest is to be aware of my being both historically and conceptually. While my camera aims outward, I seek deeper understanding of my preexistent awareness. This on-going interest is the seed for my love of... go to artist page

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