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May 14 - July 16, 2010


T.R. Ericsson (Painesville, OH), Ben Kinsley (Pittsburgh, PA), Arzu Ozkal (San Diego, CA), Kristin Rogers (Cleveland, OH), Lauren Yeager

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Love at First Site (performance still from opening of Detour)

Love at First Site (performance still from opening of Detour)  Arzu Ozkal | 2010 |


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"Detour is an exhibition of 5 artists' practices rerouted by an obstruction. SPACES has created a framework for play wherein 5 selected artists meet to discuss their practices and address areas of comfort and discomfort. By the end of the evening each artist will be assigned an obstacle by his/her peers. One artist may rely very heavily on a specific media, but the other 4 artists may agree that it would be good to step out of that comfort zone. Another artist may be asked to utilize a certain subject matter while another may be asked to work collaboratively rather than as a solo artist.

Each obstruction is assigned as a playful experiment and a tool for growth rather than a mean-spirited prank. These artists' experiments may succeed, and they may fail.

That is the nature of a detour. Sometimes a more scenic route is discovered off the beaten path, and sometimes you just get horribly lost. In the end, projects will be realized, but the artistic process will be brought to the forefront and privileged alongside the finished work."

About the Artists

T.R. Ericsson

T.R. Ericsson, born in 1972, is a contemporary artist who creates haunting images through eleborate silkscreen and photographic processes. Since 2002, he has showed his solo exhibitions throughout the United States and participated in many group exhibitions in the US, England, Nova Scotia. Mexico and Canada. Ericcson has been featured... go to artist page

Ben Kinsley

Ben Kinsley's projects have ranged from choreographing a neighborhood intervention into Google Street View, directing surprise theatrical performances inside the homes of strangers, organizing a paranormal concert series, staging a royal protest, investigating feline utopia, collecting put-down jokes from around the world, and planting a buried treasure in the streets... go to artist page

Arzu Ozkal

From"Arzu is a traveler. She has begun her journey in 2002 by leaving Ankara: the city of politicians, bureaucrats and blue collars... Then she started wandering off from one city to the other, allowing new places, people, ideas and experiences to influence her work. As new experiences unfold, she... go to artist page

Kristin Rogers

As an artist, curator, and musician, his projects are driven by interdisciplinary intentions, and frequently involve multi-media approaches. Labor, sympathy for the proletariat mindset, and accessibility are common threads that imbue his diverse scope of art production. Although his content is, at times, compound and intricate, he avoids the clandestine... go to artist page

Lauren Yeager

From"Through my work I investigate my day-to-day, immediate environments places of common, shared experience. I am concerned with the collective source, those ubiquitous environments and the mass-produced components within them that everyone may encounter on a daily basis; for example, parking lots, air vents, and electrical conduits, which... go to artist page

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