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November 19, 2010 - January 21, 2011

Get Stuffed

Designer Plush Show and Sale



Get Stuffed
Golden Panoptesipod

Golden Panoptesipod  Cotton Monster | 2010 |

Get Stuffed

  ZombieSocks | 2010 |

This holiday season, don't look toward corporate toys that are produced under questionable conditions. Support artists instead. Get Stuffed features some of the nation's best plush artists with their designer creations. Bring your check book and get some great and funky finds at SPACES!

Participating designers include:

  • Blobby Farm
  • Cotton Monster
  • Cutesy But Not Cutesy
  • Dolls for Friends
  • Fluffyland
  • Jenny Harada
  • My Paper Crane
  • Nonesuch Garden
  • Steven Spavento
  • Treebot
  • ZombieSocks

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