November 18, 2011 - January 20, 2012


Christopher Auerbach-Brown (Cleveland, OH)

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Sketchbook  Christopher Auerbach-Brown | 2011 | pencil on paper | courtesy of the artist

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Papersound QR Code  Christopher Auerbach-Brown | 2008 | qr code | please scan with a smartphone to hear a sample of Mr. Auerbach-Brown's work

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Christopher Auerbach-Brown, a Northeast Ohio experimental composer, creates an installation at SPACES using the gallery's large windows as both amplifiers and speakers. Sounds traveling through windows will be brought to life via contact microphones, wire coils and magnets, and occasional flashing lights. Windows will amplify sounds of the everyday for those in the galleries as well as individuals wandering by the galleries outside. This system will be utilized in performances both inside and, possibly, outside of the gallery.

He will also invite visitors to participate in "smartphone performances"-people will be able to use their smartphones as musical instruments which also project colored light as the performers move more or less in sync with each other. Anyone can participate in these performances too, even children.

About the Artist

Christopher Auerbach-Brown

Christopher Auerbach-Brown is a composer and sound artist living and working in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife and two kids. He received his BM in Composition from Ithaca College. He went on to complete his MM in Composition at the Cleveland Institute of Music. He teaches courses in sound art... go to artist page

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