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April 5 - 8, 20126:00pm - 5:00pm

2012 Monster Drawing Rally

A Live Drawing Event and Fundraiser

Anna Arnold (Cleveland, OH), Linda Ayala (Lorain, OH), Jerry Birchfield (Cleveland, OH), Christi Birchfield (Parma, OH), Cathie Bleck (Cleveland Heights, OH), Chris Boehlefeld, Justin Brennan (Cleveland , OH), William Brouillard (Cleveland , OH), Jeremy Brustein (Cleveland, OH), Catherine Butler (Cleveland, OH), Hector Castellanos Lara (Cleveland, OH), Laurence Channing (Cleveland, OH), Barbara Chira, David Cintron (Cleveland, OH), Kristen Cliffel (Cleveland, OH), Dan Corrigan (Cleveland, OH), Dexter Davis (Cleveland, OH), Debra DeGregorio (Akron, OH), Dana Depew, Matt Dibble, P.J. Doran (Cleveland, OH), Bruce Edwards (Cleveland, OH), Steve Ehret, Jim Engelmann (Cleveland Heights, OH), Melissa Ferrato (Akron, OH), Fiction League, Diane Fleisch Hughes (Concord Township, OH), Benjamin Haehn (Cleveland, OH), Meredith Hahn, Tim Herron (Cleveland, OH), Jon Hicks (Cleveland , OH), Jeanetta Ho (Cleveland Hts, OH), Kevin Hogan (Asheville, NC), Noah Morrison Hrbek (Cleveland, OH), Sally Hudak (Cleveland Heights, OH), Nina Vivian Huryn (Cleveland, OH), Andrea Joki (Cleveland, OH), Lori Kella (Cleveland, OH), Alex Kelly (Cleveland, OH), Tracy Kichinka (Strongsville, OH), Kate Kisicki, George Kocar (Bay Village, OH), Aaron Koehn (Cleveland, OH), Bili Kribbs, Melinda Laszczynski, Michelangelo Lovelace Sr. (Cleveland, OH), Ryan Shane Lynn, Katie Maurer, Mary Mazzer, Loren Naji, Jennifer Newyear, Dana Oldfather (Cleveland, OH), Jenniffer Omaitz, Katie Parland, Melinda Placko (Cleveland, OH), Angelica Pozo (Cleveland, OH), Arabella Proffer (Cleveland, OH), Derrick Quarles (cleveland, OH), Jayce Renner (Cleveland, OH), José Rivera (Kent, OH), Paul Rodgers (Akron, OH), Danté Rodriguez (Lorain , OH), Mark Schatz (Tallmadge, OH), Dott Schneider (Lakewood, OH), George Schroeder (Hiram, OH), Nancy Schwartz-Katz, Ryan Serafin (Cleveland, OH), Leigh Silverblatt (Lakewood, OH), Mark Simmons (cleveland, OH), Adrienne Slane, Corrie Slawson (Cleveland Heights, OH), Kevin Smalley (Stow, OH), Paul Sydorenko (Cleveland, OH), David Szerkeres (Garfield Heights, OH), Josh Usmani (Willoughby Hills, OH), Robin VanLear, Laila Voss (Cleveland, OH), Achala Wali (Lakewood, OH), Jia Wang (Strongsville, OH), Royden Watson (Cleveland , OH), Julie Weitz, Beth Whalley (Cleveland, OH), Justin Will (Cleveland Heights, OH), Wolfy Part II, Nanette Yannuzzi (Oberlin , OH), Lauren Yeager, Tyler Zeleny (Cleveland, OH)

2012 Monster Drawing Rally
2012 Monster Drawing Rally

2012 Monster Drawing Rally  

 Jaime Kennedy and Kelly Urquhart working collaboratively

Jaime Kennedy and Kelly Urquhart working collaboratively  Monster Drawing Rally | April 9, 2011 | photo courtesy of SPACES

Artists at work

Artists at work  Monster Drawing Rally | April 9, 2011 | photo courtesy of SPACES

The crowd

The crowd  Monster Drawing Rally | April 9, 2011 | photo courtesy of SPACES

Hanging the work

Hanging the work  Monster Drawing Rally | April 9, 2011 | photo courtesy of SPACES

Event: Thursday, April 5, 2012, 6:00 – 10:00 p.m.
Artists drawing: 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Work Remains on view through Saturday, April 7, 2012
(Note: The work will no longer be on view at SPACES through Sunday, April 8th.)
Admission: $5 (FREE for SPACES members and children age 17 and under)

Monster Drawing Rally is a live drawing event and fundraiser featuring over 100 artists.

Demystifying a process that usually takes place in the privacy of the studio, the Monster Drawing Rally allows spectators to observe artists in the act of creation in the public domain. In keeping with SPACES' mission to provide a public forum for artists, the Monster Drawing Rally sets the stage for extraordinary interaction.

Providing the basic necessities of the drawing practice—pencils, charcoal, pens, markers, ink, and paper—SPACES creates the context while the artists create the content of the drawings. The evening will consist of one-hour drawing shifts that each feature approximately 30 artists drawing simultaneously. As the drawings are completed, they will be hung on the walls and made available for purchase for $65 each. The Monster Drawing Rally provides a unique opportunity to watch a drawing come to life, and to purchase a work of art minutes after its completion. Proceeds from the event provide direct support for SPACES' exhibitions and residency programs.

Bring the Family!

SPACES will also feature the Li'l Monster Drawing Rally: a section where children and families may sit, draw and display their work on the wall for the evening or the weekend. Children age 17 and under are admitted to the Monster Drawing Rally for FREE! Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.


Touch Supper Club's food truck will be parked out front selling its delicious wares for the Monster Drawing Rally crowds. Come early, grab a meal, and then head in to make sure you beat out all the other buyers who want to get their hands on your favorite drawings.

Lend a Hand

Volunteer at MDR and be part of the action. Sign up here http://bit.ly/GQ9HHT.


Monster Drawing Rally was conceived by Southern Exposure (SoEx) in San Francisco and has become a national model. SoEx has partnered with nonprofit arts organizations in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Richmond, Brooklyn and now Cleveland to help them establish the Monster Drawing Rally with SoEx's support. SoEx is proud to share their successful fundraising models and community-building strategies with similar artist-centered organizations.

About the Artists

Anna Arnold

Anna Arnold is a community muralist and art educator who earned her BFA degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art and a Master's in Art Education from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland in 2010. Highly prolific, Anna has produced hundreds of artworks and has exhibited in over 200 gallery and... go to artist page

Linda Ayala

Linda received her degree in Studio Art with a concentration in Drawing from Cleveland State University. She is influenced by nature, music, culture, literature, history, artists, and everyday life. She collects these influences and stores them in her head or on numerous scraps of paper. When she has an image... go to artist page

Jerry Birchfield

Jerry Birchfield, born in 1989, Cleveland, OH, earned a BFA in photography from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2009 and is currently pursuing an MFA from Cornell University. He is the recipient of a 2011 Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award, The First Agnes Gund Traveling Award, The Maxeen... go to artist page

Christi Birchfield

Christi Birchfield, a native of Cleveland, Ohio was born on September 5th 1983. Christi attended the Cleveland Institute of Art where she received a degree in printmaking in 2006. She continued her studies at Columbia University where she received her MFA in visual art in 2010. The summer of 2010... go to artist page

Cathie Bleck

Cathie Bleck, an internationally respected artist is best known for her distinctive works in scratchboard and kaolin clay board. Her stylized forms are painstakingly cut through inks and handmade pigments, revealing the white of the kaolin clay beneath. It is a process similar in concept to woodblock printing.Bleck's work... go to artist page

Chris Boehlefeld

go to artist page

Justin Brennan

go to artist page

William Brouillard

William Brouillard is Professor of Ceramic Art at the Cleveland Institute of Art where he has taught for the last 32 years. He did his undergraduate work at The State University of Wisconsin, Stout, at Menomonie, WI. He completed his graduate work in ceramics and received an MFA, in Ceramic... go to artist page

Jeremy Brustein

Jeremy Brustein grew up in the Bronx. He entered KSU in 1972 majoring in fine arts, though he dropped out at the end of his sophomore year becoming immersed in the radical political movements of the day. Throughout the 70's he created revolutionary political posters and logos, including national actions... go to artist page

Catherine Butler

Catherine Butler is an internationally recognized jewelry artist who lives and works in Cleveland Heights, OH. A graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, Butler has run her own production studio, been an adjunct professor at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, overseen education programming at Heights Arts, and juried a... go to artist page

Hector Castellanos Lara

Inspired by images from the Guatemala of his youth, Hector Castellanos Lara's colors explode off the page in a fashion that evokes the natural palette of his native Central America. Now a permanent resident of Cleveland, Hector has held numerous exhibitions and has taught at the Cleveland Museum of Art,... go to artist page

Laurence Channing

A graphic artist and designer, Laurence Channing received a BFA and MFA from Yale University. His work has included publication, exhibition, and interior design for the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, Connecticut, the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, the Worcester Art Museum in Worcester, Massachusetts, the Isabella Stewart Gardner... go to artist page

Barbara Chira

From her studio in the ArtCraft Building on Superior Ave., Barbara Chira maintains a consistent local/regional exhibition record. A recent solo show (Gallery West/Cuyahoga Community College) was a 5' x 100' drawing completed in the gallery during the exhibition, and documenting her corresponding experiences placing "free" paintings at bus stops... go to artist page

David Cintron

Born in Cleveland and educated at Kent State University in studio arts and graphic design, David has been working as a visual artist and graphic designer in Cleveland for the past 22 years. His visceral collages, paintings and drawings have been exhibited in solo and group shows regionally. Most recently,... go to artist page

Kristen Cliffel

Kristen Cliffel is a ceramic sculptor living and working in Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1990 with a BFA in Ceramics. Kristen is in many public and private collections in the area including, the Canton Museum of Art,University Hospitals, Metro General Hospital, Cleveland... go to artist page

Dan Corrigan

go to artist page

Dexter Davis

Dexter Davis l Quarter Art 2013Dexter Davis born in 1965, lives and works in Cleveland, OH. He received his BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art and his work is found in the collections of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Progressive Corporation. He has... go to artist page

Debra DeGregorio

Artist Debra DeGregorio works primarily in printmaking and drawing to create large mixed media works on paper that often outgrow the page, resulting in miniature installations. With an interest in psychology, philosophy and humor, these works play with the liminal space between reality and the depiction of reality; the... go to artist page

Dana Depew

Statement - SculptureInspired by my childhood fascination with lights, I began disassembling and reassembling antique lamps and chandeliers. I was curious about the structure and assemblage, but even more so, mesmerized by the way various colors, shades and brightness of the bulbs created various sensory experiences for the viewer.This... go to artist page

Matt Dibble

go to artist page

P.J. Doran

P.J. Doran lives in Cleveland and likes to draw pictures and make things. P.J. Doran began making "things" early in life starting with backyard forts and gradually moving up to tree houses, usually constructed from garbage picks, leftovers and salvaged building materials. Getting his start in the housing construction industry,... go to artist page

Bruce Edwards

Bruce lives and works in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland, where he has been since gradating from Kent State University in 1991. Bruce has shown widely in the Cleveland area, and remains a part of the arts community, serving on the board of Zygote Press, and working as the residency... go to artist page

Steve Ehret

Finding inspiration at dusk, Steven Ehret paints panels filled with phantasmal creatures and landscapes. His obscure scenes and psyches bob between terror and hilarity, influenced by abstract realms of experiences. His uninhibited characters roam old vacant buildings and decaying structures reminiscent of his hometown, exposing pleasures and misfortunes in the... go to artist page

Jim Engelmann

Jim Engelmann is an exhibition designer at the Cleveland Museum of Art and an incorrigible doodler during work meetings. Occasionally he also draws pictures when he isn't at work. Right now, he is very excited about starting to paint again after a four year hiatus. He expects the first couple... go to artist page

Melissa Ferrato

Melissa was born in the year of 1978. She luxuriated in a few years of University of Akron fine art classes. Her work is currently being shown all over her apartment, in various yoga studios, and several friend's walls. She has contributed to the local art... go to artist page

Fiction League

Fiction League is the place where local designer Larissa Itomlenskis puts the stories and pictures kicking around around in her head. It's a world where starfish wear bouffants, gypsy trees tell fortunes and pancakes enjoy breakdancing. Her drawings have been known to cause intense skepticism of all... go to artist page

Diane Fleisch Hughes

Diane Fleisch Hughes was born in New Jersey and received her BFA from FIT in NYC. She is primarily a figurative painter and loves to draw. Diane is represented by Boxheart Gallery in Pittsburgh having just had a solo show there last August. She is currently attending graduate school at... go to artist page

Benjamin Haehn

Haehn's monster paintings and drawings are an invasion into a world that already exists. Working on old paintings and prints, the creatures develop to interact with the landscape and its native inhabitants. go to artist page

Meredith Hahn

Meredith Hahn has been showing her work around Tremont, Lakewood, and Downtown Cleveland since 2006. Inspired my music, nature and everyday life she translates her experiences into two styles, organic surrealism as seen in her "mother natures" series and pop graphic which can be seen with her more cartoon-like figures. go to artist page

Tim Herron

Tim Herron is a portrait/landscape artist who works in oils, pastel and conte crayon. He studied at the Cooper School of Art, The Cleveland Institute of Art and Tri-C. His studio, "The Manly Pad," is at 2490 Professor Ave in Tremont. He runs the Pretentious Tremont Artists portrait drawing group... go to artist page

Jon Hicks

Jon Hicks was born in Richlands, Virginia in 1977. He has worked as a graphic designer and print maker in the Cleveland area for the past 11 years in the Music / Entertainment industry. His work has been shown at the Akron Art Museum, Tremont Artwalk, Zygote... go to artist page

Jeanetta Ho

CIA grad working in mixed media, more recently with repurposed, upcycled materials go to artist page

Kevin Hogan

Kevin Hogan graduated from Lakewood High and Cooper School of Art. While in graduate school in Kent State he helped organized what has become SPACES. go to artist page

Noah Morrison Hrbek

go to artist page

Sally Hudak

Sally Hudak is a resident of Cleveland Heights, OH and teaches art at Beaumont School. A graduate of Cleveland State with a degree in Art and Art Education, she also attended Cooper School of Art. Hudak works with clay, varied materials and found objects, creating sculptural works and performative action... go to artist page

Nina Vivian Huryn

"I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio - then a fascinating dark industrial city of smoking, flaming steel mills. I graduated from The Cleveland Institute of Art where I majored in Textile Design. Early in my career I moved to New York City where I lived in a small studio/apartment painting... go to artist page

Andrea Joki

Originally from Minneapolis, Andrea Joki graduated from the University of Wisconsin ? Madison with a B.S. in Art and followed with a Masters of Fine Arts from Kent State University in 2006. She has enjoyed opportunities to travel, work and exhibit abroad with past funding from Cuyahoga County's Community... go to artist page

Lori Kella

Lori Kella was born in St. Joseph Michigan in 1974. She received a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1997, and later attended Cornell University where she received her MFA in photography. A selection of her recent work was exhibited at Gallery Drei, in Dresden, Germany, The... go to artist page

Alex Kelly

Alex is one of the co-owners of Proximity in Midtown, a former Drawing major at CIA, a product specialist at Jakprints, and a life-long Clevelander. In addition to running Proximity gallery, Alex's current personal project is called Harvard Ink, which aims to experiment with a variety of pattern-making techniques... go to artist page

Tracy Kichinka

Born in 1978, Tracy Kichinka, actually studied Psychology and Religious Studies at Cleveland State University. She has taken art classes at the college level (at Cuyahoga Community College) and at the Little Red School House in Berea. Her art has been displayed at SPACES gallery (Art Mart) and... go to artist page

Kate Kisicki

Kate Kisicki received her BFA in painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art and obtained her MFA in painting from Virginia Commonwealth University. Kate is currently a working artist living in the Cleveland area. She currently teaches at the Cleveland Institute of Art as both a Continuing Education and... go to artist page

George Kocar

George Kocar is an award winning artist who has had over 50 solo shows, most recently at ArtsCollinwood. His work has been exhibited in over 500 shows nationally. He is an Adjunct Instructor at Ashland University. His work is in numerous collections including Ashland University; The Butler Institute of American... go to artist page

Aaron Koehn

b. 1983, Cleveland, OHEducation: 2006-2008 Lyme Academy College of Fine Art. go to artist page

Bili Kribbs

Bili Kribbs is a pop-surrealist, trouble maker, instigator and into general mischief. Kribbs' whimsical musings are tightly rendered, colorful and imaginative. Kribbs utilizes many mediums including acrylic paintings, sculpture, Pop-art screen printing, video, animation and sculpted plastic resign toys. Kribbs is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with... go to artist page

Melinda Laszczynski

Melinda Laszczynski received a BFA in Painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2010. Her work is in the collections of Avery Denison, University Hospitals, and the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations. She has shown at The Cleveland Foundation, Forum Gallery, Arts Collinwood, The Reinberger Galleries, and the Coventry... go to artist page

Michelangelo Lovelace Sr.

Michelangelo Lovelace Sr. was born and raised in Cleveland,Ohio in 1960. As a child Lovelace began drawing to escape the hard reality of growing up in a single parent household. Michelangelo Lovelace Sr. loved to draw and by the age of 22 he started to use oil paints and then... go to artist page

Ryan Shane Lynn

Born in 1986, Ryan is a young self-taught artist who has shown at many small gallery events in Massillon and Canton. A performer by nature Ryan also has been seen performing with the Scared Scriptless Improv Comedy troupe in Canton and is the founder and original MC of the Massillon... go to artist page

Katie Maurer

go to artist page

Mary Mazzer

Mary Mazzer was born in 1975. She has lived most of her life in Kent, Ohio. Mary received both a BFA in Printmaking and an MFA in Painting from Kent State University. After her master's program, she completed a 6-month residency at Softbox Studio in Long Island City, New York.... go to artist page

Loren Naji

As a child, Loren Naji (b. January 8, 1957, Brooklyn, NY) loved building things and drawing scenes of adventure and fantasy. Later he studied Graphic Design at Kent State University from 1975-1981. During this time he worked at Geauga Lake Amusement Park drawing portraits.From 1981-1993 he studied figure/portrait drawing and... go to artist page

Jennifer Newyear

Jennifer Newyear, a native of Ohio born in 1957, studied painting and drawing at Cooper School of Art in Cleveland, OH. Her work has shown at PAA Plein Air Competition 2011 placing Second and Honorable Mention, Third Annual JUNE ART REVIEW, 38th Mandel JCC Photography Show, ArtSpace members exhibit Spring... go to artist page

Dana Oldfather

Dana Oldfather was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1978. She is a self taught oil painter who has been in exhibitions across the country, including POV Evolving Gallery in LA, and The Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown. Oldfather is proud to have been awarded the generous William and... go to artist page

Jenniffer Omaitz

Jenniffer Omaitz is a nationally exhibited painter and installation artist. Omaitz received her BFA in Painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art and her MFA in Painting from Kent State University in 2009. Omaitz has been exhibiting her work in Cleveland and Denver since 2002. Omaitz continues to blend... go to artist page

Katie Parland

Katie Parland is a 2010 graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art. After receiving her BFA in Communication Design, she began working with RUL, a small studio in midtown Cleveland. She enjoys work that allows her to incorporate her love of silkscreening, illustration, and hand-drawn type. Katie was selected as... go to artist page

Melinda Placko

Melinda Placko earned her BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art, and her MFA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, with a focus in public and collaborative art. She has taught art for over seven years through the Cleveland and Akron Art Museums, Youthbuild Holyoke, and Beck Center for... go to artist page

Angelica Pozo

Angelica Pozo, a New York City native, born of Cuban and Puerto Rican parents, has lived in Cleveland since 1984. She moved there from Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she received her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Michigan. Her Bachelor of Fine Arts is from SUNY College of... go to artist page

Arabella Proffer

Arabella is a painter, writer, and co-founder of the indie label Elephant Stone Records. Her loose narrative themes revolve around a fascination with punk rock, aristocrats, Renaissance fashions, aging socialites, pre-code cinema, gothic divas, medical history, and rock 'n' roll groupies. She attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena,... go to artist page

Derrick Quarles

go to artist page

Jayce Renner

Jayce Renner lives and works in Cleveland. In addition to making art, he takes photographs, does creative writing, and develops websites and computer programs. Kent State University and the Brandt Gallery and have shown his art work in recent years. Several of his works are in the collection of Charlotte... go to artist page

José Rivera

Currently, Jos go to artist page

Paul Rodgers

Paul Rodgers was born in 1980 in Akron, Ohio, and is currently working toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Kent State University. Shortly after arriving at Kent, his drawing background and love of photography lead him quite naturally to printmaking. In 2011, he was the... go to artist page

Danté Rodriguez

Born in Uruapan, Michoac go to artist page

Mark Schatz

Mark Schatz was born in Denver, Colorado but grew up in Michigan. He studied art at the University of Michigan, receiving a BFA from the School of Art and Architecture with a concentration in sculpture in 1998. After a few years of working in commercial art studios, he returned... go to artist page

Dott Schneider

Born in Cleveland, Dott Schneider received her C.E.A.P. from the Ecole des Beaux-arts in Rouen, France in 1996. Dott has participated in over thirteen group exhibitions and executed and promoted ten solo exhibitions. Her work has been shown internationally and chronicled in Jane Magazine, Las Vegas City Life, Cleveland Scene,... go to artist page

George Schroeder

Schroeder is Emeritus Professor of Art at Hiram College, where he taught for more than 40 years. He received his BFA and MFA degrees from Kent State University. He has exhibited in thirty solo shows since his first, at the Canton Art Museum, then the Canton Art Institute, in 1962.... go to artist page

Nancy Schwartz-Katz

Nancy Schwartz-Katz, born 1965, is a graduate of Parsons School of Design, Manhattan, New York in Drawing and Conceptual thinking (Illustration). In addition she studied drawing privately under the artist David Passalacqua. After spending her 20's working for the internationally acclaimed studio The Pushpin Group, Nancy returned to... go to artist page

Ryan Serafin

go to artist page

Leigh Silverblatt

Leigh Silverblatt is a visual and sound artist from Cleveland, Ohio. Her work utilizes digital media to comment on the Technological Revolution. Leigh has performed at various venues in her hometown, including MOCA Cleveland. Her video work has been screened at venues in Chicago,IL, Brooklyn, NY, and Montreal, QC. go to artist page

Mark Simmons

go to artist page

Adrienne Slane

Adrienne Slane is a recent graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art whose major was drawing. She lives and works in Chesterland, Ohio, creating collages, prints, drawings, and stop-frame animations. She also creates visual displays for various stores and organizations throughout Cleveland. go to artist page

Corrie Slawson

Cleveland Heights artist Corrie Slawson received a BFA from Parsons School of Design (1997). Slawson has exhibited at MOCA Cleveland, Zygote Press, SPACES, LAND Studio, Beck Center for the Arts and The Sculpture Center. Nationally, she has exhibited in Nashville (TN), Columbus (OH) and at the Rockford Art Museum... go to artist page

Kevin Smalley

Kevin Smalley (b.1987, Cleveland, Ohio) is the second son of four children and has been scribbling since a child. Kevin won his first juried show in the 6th grade. He doesn't remember being to serious about art until his high school years where he attended Stow-Munroe Falls High School. After... go to artist page

Paul Sydorenko

Paul Sydorenko is a Cleveland based artist / musician. Working in many different mediums, he creates colorful, playful, and sometimes sarcastic works. go to artist page

David Szerkeres

Szerkeres received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Akron in 1987, and started producing bodies of work for exhibition in 1993. The majority of his work focuses on images that he finds most intriguing. Whether captured through his photographs, or inspired by his life's influences,... go to artist page

Josh Usmani

Josh Usmani is a current art student at Cleveland State University specializing in cartooning and Pop Surrealism. Since 2008, his work has been in over 30 group exhibitions and three juried shows including 2nd Place in Red Bull's "Gripped Canvas" skate deck art competition and "Best Work on Paper" in... go to artist page

Robin VanLear

Robin VanLear was born in Cambridge, MA. She received her MFA in sculpture and performance art from UC Santa Barbara in 1983 . Robin is artistic director of the department of Community Art at the Cleveland Museum of Art where she is the founder and artistic director of... go to artist page

Laila Voss

Laila Voss has been adjunct and full-time faculty at several colleges and universities in the Northeast Ohio region as well as directing a couple of department galleries. Since the 2003 she has been an assistant lecturer at the University of Akron Myers School of Art. Besides exhibiting work, Laila Voss... go to artist page

Achala Wali

go to artist page

Jia Wang

Jia is a code monkey who loves to do art on the side. Her favorite media are oil pastel and charcoals. go to artist page

Royden Watson

Born January 23, 1971Lives in Brecksville, OH; Works in Cleveland, OH Royden Watson received his BFA from The Pratt Institute and his MFA from Kent State University. His work has been exhibited at Kent State University, Kent, OH; FAVA Gallery, Oberlin, OH; Reinberger Gallery, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH; Galerie... go to artist page

Julie Weitz

Julie Weitz was born in Chicago, IL and lives and works in Cleveland, OH. Her work combines painting, drawing, collage and video to addresses the complex and entangled ways in which we picture others and ourselves. She has exhibited at Schroeder Romero, New York, NY, Thomas Robertello Gallery, Chicago,... go to artist page

Beth Whalley

Beth Whalley is one-half owner of Proximity gallery in Cleveland's Art Quarter and lives in the city with her business partner/better half, an odd-couple of cats, and a college-educated canine. She received her BFA in Fiber and Material Studies at the Cleveland Institute of Art and works in textiles,... go to artist page

Justin Will

go to artist page

Wolfy Part II

Jef Scharf has been making art with others like Amy Sillman, Reed Anderson, and the P.f.P.P since the Hippies realized there was a disturbing darkness at the end of their trip. A general lack of confidence in his personal vision lead him to adopt the name Wolfy Part II in... go to artist page

Nanette Yannuzzi

go to artist page

Lauren Yeager

From www.laurenyeager.com"Through my work I investigate my day-to-day, immediate environments places of common, shared experience. I am concerned with the collective source, those ubiquitous environments and the mass-produced components within them that everyone may encounter on a daily basis; for example, parking lots, air vents, and electrical conduits, which... go to artist page

Tyler Zeleny

Tyler Zeleny (b. 1990, Brunswick, OH) is a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) recipient from the Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA) and Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Candidate at William Paterson University where he was awarded a Graduate Assistantship in the Graduate Art Department. He was recipient of four year... go to artist page

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