January 31 - April 4, 2014


Lauren Herzak-Bauman (Lakewood, OH)

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3650, detail

3650, detail  Photograph by Renee Yamada | 2012 | porcelain, light cord, incandescent light bulb | artist

Field (detail)

Field (detail)   Lauren Herzak-Bauman | 2013 | porcelain | of the artist

Memory Eternal  Photograph by James Craven | 2009 | porcelain, vintage light fixtures, incandescent light bulbs | artist


3650  Photograph by Renee Yamada | 2012 | porcelain, light cord, incandescent light bulb | artist

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Herzak-Bauman site-specific temporal installations incorporate thousands of porcelain parts, Herzak-Bauman questions and examines the materiality of clay, the production of contemporary ceramics, and her relationship with death and loss.

Herzak-Bauman works with clay to make installations and interventions that are centered on the desire to create a visual language for loss. Herzak-Bauman often uses porcelain for its physicality, translucency, and malleability. Allowing porcelain to warp, bend, crack, and break, in ways that are sometimes considered unwanted, reasserts change and transformation within her work.

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About the Artist

Lauren Herzak-Bauman

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, Lauren received a BFA in Ceramics from Bowling Green State University and an MFA in Studio Art from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Lauren’s practice is three-fold: she makes pottery, sculpture, and public art. Within each of these practices, she uses concept and craft... go to artist page

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