August 22 - October 17, 2014

The Vault (August - October 2014)

Immortal Kombat: Curated by Sarah Paul (Cleveland, OH)

Daniel Barrow, Nao Bustamante (Troy, NY), Jim Finn (Brooklyn, NY), Zak Long (San Francisco , CA), Tara Mateik (New York, NY), Cat Mazza (Boston, MA), Power Animal System, Chris Skinner, Rachel Yurkovich (Cleveland Heights , OH)

The Vault (August - October 2014)
Eat, Drink, and be Merry

Eat, Drink, and be Merry  Rachel Yurkovich | 2014 | video | artist


Trans-trans-itions  Power Animal System | 2014 | video | artist

Horoscope  Zak Long | 2012 | video | artist

Horoscope  Zak Long | 2012 | video | artist


Trans-trans-itions  Power Animal System | 2014 | video | artist

Immortal Kombat is a collection of video works from artists who use the medium as an ambiguous mouthpiece for their ideologies.

If the combatants and anti-heroes in this curated selection of videos explained themselves, the magical and bewildering sensation of watching these works would dissipate. There is a steady undercurrent of disruption throughout the narratives, as the artists' social agendas push us beyond normative obstacles and into mysterious territories. The characters entwine their politics with play, creating lush and irresistible images of blurred utopias.

Participating Artists:
Daniel Barrow (Montreal, Quebec)
Nao Bustamante (Troy, NY)
Jim Finn (New City, NY)
Zak Long (San Francisco, CA)
Tara Mateik (New York, NY)
Cat Mazza (Boston, MA)
Power Animal System (New York, NY)
Chris Skinner (Sheffield, UK)
Rachel Yurkovich (Cleveland Heights, OH)

The Vault functions as a media flat file--a converted walk-in safe where audiences can experience a variety of video and sound art. Guest curators add selections to The Vault on a quarterly basis.

About the Artists

Daniel Barrow

Winnipeg-born, Montreal-based artist Daniel Barrow works in video, film, print-making and drawing, but is best known for his use of antiquated technologies, his "registered projection" installations, and his narrative overhead projection performances. Barrow describes his performance method as a process of, "creating and adapting comic narratives to manual forms of... go to artist page

Nao Bustamante

Nao Bustamante is an internationally known and beloved artist, originally from California; she cut her teeth as an artist in the San Francisco "Art Scene" of between 1984-2001. She attended San Francisco Art Institute, where she was under the influence of the notorious New Genres department. She now resides in... go to artist page

Jim Finn

Jim Finn was born in St. Louis and currently teaches at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. "Steeped in the obsolete language of revolutionary art," The New York Times said Finn's films "often play like unearthed artifacts from an alternate universe." His award-winning movies have been called "Utopian comedies" and "trompe... go to artist page

Zak Long

Zak Long is a filmmaker in San Francisco, California. His work explores what it means to call something truth within a narrative. His films have screened both internationally at The Queensland Museum in Brisbane, Australia and domestically at The Anthology Film Archives in NYC and The Kinsey Institute in... go to artist page

Tara Mateik

In his videos, performances, and installations, Tara Mateik creates critical reenactments that underscore moments of collective transfeminism across historical and geographic locations. His projects revisit key moments in pop culture where sexual, social, and economic power structures are in flux; these reenactments, then, are not passive recreations of the past,... go to artist page

Cat Mazza

Cat Mazza is an artist whose work combines craft with digital media to explore the overlaps between textiles, technology and labor. She is the founder of microRevolt, a web-based project that hosts the freeware knitPro. Mazza has received fellowships from Creative Capital, the Rockefeller Foundation in media arts, MacDowell Colony... go to artist page

Power Animal System

Jason Martin is a visual artist and musician, with an art practice of live performance, video, photography, and installation. As a musician with a discography and touring history, Jason is a sound recording technician and producer. Other jobs include video production and Professor of Art at various institutions. In the... go to artist page

Chris Skinner

CHRIS SKINNER; a freelance designer based in Sheffield with over 12 years industry experience. Chris loves designing, moving, and drawing things. During his career he has worked in various formats including design for interactive, broadcast, 2D/3D motion graphics, print & 2D/3D illustration. go to artist page

Rachel Yurkovich

RACHEL YURKOVICH frames instances of uninhibited consumption and the damaging consequences they often bring. This involves the use of insects and animals as allegorical stand-ins for human situations of desire, indulgence and self-destruction. She experiments with the conditions of the life of these beings by setting up situations in which... go to artist page

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