June 13 - July 10, 2015

Morgan Meis

Art Writer-in-Residence

Morgan Meis (Long Island City, NY)

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Morgan Meis
Morgan Meis

Morgan Meis (Schwenksville, PA)
In Residency
: June 13th- July 15th, 2015

Morgan Meis (Schwenksville, PA) is SPACES' first Art Writer-in-Residence, and will engage in a 4-week intensive period of research, writing, and critical dialogue about Cleveland's vibrant art scene.

Morgan will be visiting galleries, museums, artist studios, and any place where art is made and exhibited in and around Cleveland. He wants to discover what are the specific aesthetic issues and concerns that come up for people making art in Cleveland. Is there something that distinguishes art made in Cleveland from art made in any other American city? Does this have to do with the history of the city, or is it something new, something still in the process of emerging? Do local political concerns shape and inform Cleveland art? Or, by contrast, does the contemporary art of Cleveland seek to reach out past the boundaries of the city? During his residency, he'll produce a number of essays on these questions.

Morgan has written for The Believer, Harper's, The New Yorker, The Smart Set, and The Virginia Quarterly Review, and authored the novel Angelus Novus (Soft Skull Press, 1995). Morgan is also an editor at 3quarksdaily.com, a filter blog treating literature, science, and the arts. In 2009 he received the Creative Capital | Warhol Foundation Arts Writers grant for short-form writing and in 2013, the Whiting Award for nonfiction. In 1994 he founded Flux Factory, an art collective in Queens, NY, and now sits on its board of directors.

Writing samples:
"Frank Lloyd Wright Tried to Solve the City," The New Yorker (May 22, 2014): http://nyr.kr/1uiKa0f
"At the National Portrait Gallery, exploring the birth, burden, and death of American cool," The Smart Set (July 14, 2014): http://bit.ly/1DV9yle
"Religion Island," Killing the Buddha (March 19, 2012): http://bit.ly/1BuBY4W

Links to Blogs written while in Residence:

28 Days In Cleveland
Is Regionalism Second Best
The Ghost of d. a. levy
Art Hopper: 28 days in Cleveland
The Smart Set: How to Remain Human, d. a. levy Cleveland

About the Artist

Morgan Meis

Morgan Meis has a Ph.D. in philosophy from the New School for Social Research. He is a founding member of the Flux Factory (1994), an art collective founded in Queens but located currrently in Long Island City, NY, and now sits on its board of directors. He is the only... go to artist page

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