September 1 - November 30, 2016

Ryan Jeanke

Mural Project

Ryan Jaenke

Part of SWAP

Ryan Jeanke
WRG installation

WRG installation  Ryan Jaenke | courtesy of the artist

St. Clair

St. Clair  Cleveland SGS and Ryan Jaenke | courtesy of the artist

Inner Urban Mural  Ryan Jaenke | courtesy of the artist

Cleveland Public Art show

Cleveland Public Art show  Ryan Jaenke | courtesy of the artist

Ryan Jeanke, (Cleveland, OH)
In Residence:
September 1 - November 30
Mural Location: 1414 W. 25th Street

SPACES is proud to host Cleveland Foundation Creative Fusion Artist Ryan Jaenke (Cleveland)

This group of international and local artist for the Creative Fusion Residency were chosen to make art in the public realm. Ryan will be painting a mural on a building in the Hingetown neighborhood near the home of SPACES.

Ryan Jaenke is a lifelong Clevelander who has made his mark on buildings across the country. He has shown his work in Miami, Chicago, and San Francisco, often creating ironic signs lifted from the vernacular history of what is seen daily on the streets of Cleveland. Ryan draws inspiration from photographs inhistoricarchives, and from thestreetshe travels. He is not averse to seeking places that are not pretty or desirable in the traditional sense but finds the human need to post signs and symbols in public spaces fascinating.

Sometimes working with a close-knit group of like-minded artist, Ryan is able to work on larger projects that integrate multiple points of view. For this mural, Ryan has created a personal vision.

About the Artist

Ryan Jaenke

Ryan Jaenke was born and raised on the west side of Cleveland where he learned that the city's culture begins at the neighborhood level. Early encounters with graffiti art, railroad tracks, and alleyways have led to a life-long pursuit of finding inspiration from often overlooked corners of the city. go to artist page

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