August 18 - October 13, 2017

VAULT (August 18 - October 13)


Cameron Granger (Columbus , OH), Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson (Pittsburgh, PA), Daniel Rothman (Venice, CA)

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VAULT (August 18 - October 13)

CORANATION  Cameron Granger | 2016 | video | artist


GEM WAY STREET SIGN   Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson | 2016 | video | artist

MAMA ROCKING  Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson | 2016 | video | artist

PINBALL JUSTICE  Daniel Rothman | 2015 | video | artist

CHAIN HEAVY  Cameron Granger | 2016 | video | artist


AUDIOGRAPH 0.1  Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson | 2016 | Sound Collage | artist

Opening: August 18, 2017
On view: August 18 to October 13, 2017

Participating artists
Cameron Granger - video
Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson - video and sound
Daniel Rothman - video

whys-and-wherefores provokes questions of entitlement and erasure as they relate to racially motivated violence, identity, and gentrification. Comprised of footage connected to the recent shooting of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell, who were chased and shot 137 times by Cleveland police officers, the stereophonic repetition in Daniel Rothman's Pinball Justice presents an echo chamber of incredulity for the viewer. Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson's Gem Way is a sound walk down an alley in Pittsburgh-a microcosm of what it's like to be black in white America and AUDIOGRAPH a sound collage that captures ominous voices, ambient sounds of banging, shattering, clanging and tapping. creating an environment of confusion and containment Cameron Granger's Coronation portrays his personal navigation into the primarily white art world and Chain Heavy is a window into the tragically shortened life cycles of, and a dedication to, black men in the artist's hometown of Cleveland.rnrnrn

About the Artists

Cameron Granger

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Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson

Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson is a composer, sound recordist, and audiovisual artist. His work explores the sonic narratives of object and space. He is founder and owner of SONARCHEOLOGY STUDIOS, a field recording service dedicated to the production of all things related to audio. His work has been featured in live... go to artist page

Daniel Rothman

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