November 17, 2017 - January 12, 2018

VAULT (November 2017- January 2018)


Snow Yunxue Fu, Qiuyan Wu, Hui Zhu

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VAULT (November 2017- January 2018)

Side  Snow Yunxue Fu | 2017 | digital media | artist


Twilight  Qiuyan Wu | 2017 - 2037 | video multi channel installation film | artist

Twilight  Qiuyan Wu | 2017 - 2037 | video multi channel installation film | artist

Mr. P.  Hui Zhu | 2017 | 3D animation | artist

Mr. P

Mr. P  Hui Zhu | 2017 | 3D animation | artist

Opening reception date: November 17, 2017
On view at SPACES: Nov. 17, 2017 - Jan. 12, 2018
Curator: Qian Li Cleveland, OH

Currents features recent video works by Chinese artists who are exploring the formal, stylistic, and material aspects in the rapidly changing economic, cultural, and social realities of China. They use a variety of experimental film techniques to create a unique space, like a visual poem, that explores contemporary topics. Participating artists include Yunxue Fu (Guizho, China/Chicago, IL), Qiuyan Wu (Beijing, China), and Hui Zhu (Beijing, China).

About the Artists

Snow Yunxue Fu

Snow Yunxue Fu's artwork approaches the subject of the Sublime using topographical computer rendered animation installations. She examines and interprets the world around her through digital reality, where she draws a parallel to the realms of the physical, the virtual, the metaphysical, and multi-dimensionality.Modeling her animations on the allegorical paintings... go to artist page

Qiuyan Wu

BFA from The Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. MFA from China Central Academy of Fine Arts / USA School of California Art Film School Cooperative program in 2008. Former department director at the Central Academy of Fine Arts - experimental film department. As an artist: he uses experimental... go to artist page

Hui Zhu

Hui Zhu is an Animation Director, Animator, Artist and the creator of Mr. P. Mr. P is a man made of coiled wire and came info existence through thunder and lighting. The animation revolves around a love story and had been in production for five years. Hui is the... go to artist page

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