April 3 - May 29, 2020

Something Incredibly Personal

Part of Time-Based Arts

Something Incredibly Personal

  Toby Griffiths, The Hall of the Cultivation of the Mind (2020)


Included works blend traditional and nontraditional notions of identity. We consider, “What is a personality?” and question its relation to the food we eat, our religious practices, and the homes in which we live.


  • Toby Griffiths, White Cloud Becomes Blue Mountain (2020), Length 2:08
  • Shep Turner, TV Time (2020), Length 8:29
  • Kyle J. Osborne, Praise God I'm Satisfied (2020), Length 3:27
  • Toby Griffiths, The Hall of the Cultivation of the Mind (2020), Length 1:05

Works will be available online for the duration of the exhibition and featured twice weekly on SPACES social media accounts.

SPACES Time-Based Arts programming features new-to-Cleveland projects with duration as an essential dimension. This includes video and sound pieces, film, software-based art, performance, workshops, and celebrations.

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