May 12 - June 12, 2020


Dana Lynn Harper, Ritual Object : Carrier 1


SPACEStation, a new series of small works utilizing digital space as partner to other mediums.

A note from the artist:

Ritual Object : Carrier 1 is a looping video, best viewed on a computer or television screen. The object spins, reflecting light and changing shape and form as each layer rotates. The sound by Michael Quintana play at 528 hz, meant to promote self healing. The object is a circle, symmetrical, with a center crystal, representing our singular lives in isolation. As our minds spin in times of uncertainty, it is essential to slow down, to accept a different pace of life. As the object slows, all the pieces and parts become more clear. Eventually, it changes direction and picks back up in speed. Played in a loop, the speed is always changing, repeating the pattern from fast to slow and then from slow to fast. This loop represents the ebb and flow of life, both speeds being beneficial for different reasons. The quicker the speed, the more interaction with light and color. With the slower speed, more clarity in the pieces and parts that make up it's existence.

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