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April 16 - June 4, 2021

Reciprocity: Back Back Forth and Forth

Mildred Beltré

Part of Artist-in-Residence

Reciprocity: Back Back Forth and Forth Mildred Beltré, I Want (Tell), 2021. Gouache, color pencil, walnut ink, collage, fringe. Photo: Scott Dolan  ID: A rectangular canvas is painted in bright color blocks. Contrasting brown color blocks say, "I WANT TO TELL" while abstract shapes are depicted in the bottom quadrants. A small black fringe hangs from the left.

During her residency, Beltré will continue her exploration of text, textile, and the Black body through an exhibition/workshop space. Integrating text, figure-based drawings, weaving, cross-stitch, and beading, Beltré creates multimedia works that employ domesticity as a means of examining equity and intersectionality.

About the Artist

Mildred Beltré

Mildred Beltré is Brooklyn based artist, mother and activist working in print, drawing and participatory politically engaged practice, to explore facets of social change. She is interested in exploring political movements and their associated social relations and structures. Her most recent work involves looking at revolutionary theorizing and posturing through... go to artist page

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