August 20 - October 15, 2021

Art History

Davon Brantley (Cleveland, OH), Asmaa Walton (Detroit, MI)

Part of Group Exhibition

Art History Dancing with Death  Davon Brantley, Charcoal on paper, 2021

Art History brings together the work of Davon Brantley with the collection of Black Art Library. Brantley's work draws inspiration from Renaissance and Baroque art, often centering a central figure, corrupted by shadow elements and surreal shifts in tone and style. Asmaa Walton, the curator, archivist, and educator behind Black Art Library, presents a library of over 200 volumes of Black art catalogues. Jointly, these projects re-envision an archival narrative that has historically excluded Black artists, Black subjects, and Black art history. Through silhouetted spaces, framing the real and the imaginary, guests are invited in to explore Art History.

About the Artists

Davon Brantley

Davon Brantley (b.1995-07-09) is a Cleveland based artist who implements self-portraiture and psychology within his work. Inspired by the dissociative behaviors that happen as a result of traumatic experiences and the reputation involved with those experiences. Davon analyzes not only how these affect you in your childhood but also into... go to artist page

Asmaa Walton

Asmaa Walton is a Detroit native, arts educator and ardent developer of the Black cultural archive. Walton completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education from Michigan State University in 2017. Upon earning a Master of Arts in Art Politics from New York University Tisch School of the Arts,... go to artist page

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