January 5 - 21, 2022


An exhibition of emerging arts workers

Nick Birnie, Morgan Rose Free, Eli Gfell, Tatiana Hornung , Tirzah Legg, Meg Lubey, Bri Robinson

Curated by Seneca Kuchar

Part of Group Exhibition

Stopgap Foundation 1, Nick Birnie  

“Stopgap” means a quick solution to an impending problem, plugging the hole. Art workers are often the ones managing and providing these solutions. In often understaffed and tightly scheduled spaces they become the resource, a stopgap for art communities. It's a kind of work that is easy to overlook while difficult to separate from other parts of one's life.

The work featured in the exhibition examines place, self, and structure. There are replications of household items, exteriors of structures that house people, abstractions of space, and altered gallery furniture. The context of the gallery alters the experience of the private and personal, and the objects and spaces from the mundane encroach on the gallery space. In a similar way, the labor of art workers bleeds into their non-work lives. This exhibition exists to celebrate and forefront the labor and experiences of art workers, which is meant to be invisible within the gallery space.

Curated by Seneca Kuchar

About the Artists

Nick Birnie

Nick Birnie is a visual artist based in Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art with a BFA in spring of 2021. Within his personal studio practice, he is interested in themes of architecture in transition. Exploring themes of gentrification and the ever evolving urban landscapes we... go to artist page

Morgan Rose Free

Morgan Rose Free is a Canadian artist predominantly working in sculptural assemblage. Currently based in Columbus OH, she is a co-founder and coordinator of Dream Clinic Project Space. Her conceptual interests lie in human engagement with the outside world, often grappling with ideas around our current climate crisis, engagement with... go to artist page

Eli Gfell

Eli Gfell is a multi-disciplinary artist, carpenter, and preparator based in Cleveland, Ohio. His work explores distorted and fractured realities through the use of discarded materials collected from the built environment. Gfell was a co-founder and curator of H SPACE, an artist-run exhibition and project space which operated from 2016-2020.... go to artist page

Tatiana Hornung

Tatiana Hornung is a drawing and printmaking artist from Cleveland, Ohio. Her art discusses ideas about complicated familial relationships as well as the idea of chosen family and the importance of community. She received her Bachelor in Fine Arts at the Cleveland Institute of Art in drawing. She is currently... go to artist page

Tirzah Legg

Tirzah Legg is a sculptor working in ceramics and mixed media. She was born and raised in Saucier, Mississippi, a small town near the Gulf Coast. After receiving her Associate of Art from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, she went on to obtain her BFA at the University of Southern... go to artist page

Meg Lubey

Meg Lubey is an artist from Buffalo, NY, currently studying painting and creative writing at theCleveland Institute of Art. By intertwining traditional painting mediums with more unconventional materials such as spackle, embroidery floss, fabric, and other found objects, Lubey challenges conventions of painting while referencing domestic spaces and a DIY or... go to artist page

Bri Robinson

Bri Robinson is a mixed media artist from Warren, Ohio. Their analog collages examine blackness, beauty, pain and the ephemeral. by use of chance, found objects and family photos as material, her work reflects on love, family and nostalgia. Informed heavily by gender theorists and authors like Audre Lorde, bell... go to artist page

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