January 5 - 21, 2022

Youth Exhibition

Part of EngagingSPACES

Youth Exhibition Artwork by James Quarles.  ID: A stainless steel collection bin, used to collect art supply donations, is installed outside of SPACES. It is painted golden-yellow with a design of a young girl drawing Tamir Rice's portrait with chalk. Above his portrait, text in the girl's handwriting reads "Remember 4 Ever" with green, blue, and red flowers surrounding the words.

Co-hosted by the Tamir Rice Foundation and SPACES.

Join us for an exhibition of art created by youth (grades 6-8) within the Cuyahoga County Detention Center and the Tamir Rice Foundation + SPACES partnership.

Between May-August 2021, the Tamir Rice Foundation and SPACES partnered to facilitate a city-wide art supply drive. Four collection bins, adorned by local artists with paintings that celebrate Tamir's life, were installed throughout Greater Cleveland. Collection sites included SPACES, Toby's Plaza, Roxboro Elementary School, Robinson G. Jones Elementary School, and Marion C. Seltzer Elementary School - the three schools were attended by Tamir Rice and his siblings.

Donated supplies went toward two artmaking workshops facilitated by teaching artists and members of the Cuyahoga County Jail Coalition, Josiah and James Quarles. All remaining supplies went toward youth of other ages detained in the Cuyahoga County Detention Center, a holiday art box giveaway co-hosted by the Tamir Rice Foundation and SPACES, and future Tamir Rice Foundation art programs.

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