April 22 - June 3, 2022

To The People of That Future We Leave That Legacy

Hương Ngô (Chicago, IL), Hong-An Trương (Durham, NC)

Residency: March 5 - April 30, 2022

Part of Artist-in-Residence

To The People of That Future We Leave That Legacy

Pivoting around the restaging of two historical events – the 1947 UN debates over Resolution 181 which partitioned Palestine into a Jewish and an Arab state; and scenes from a fictional film, The Middleton Family, made for the 1939 World’s Fair – this project excavates the seeds of destructive forces of Western diplomacy based on the twin powers of colonialism and capitalism. Examining this fraught moment in time, where the politics of democracy and the concept of the “common good” became bound up with the language and violent imperatives of capitalism and colonialism, this project imagines the past as our dystopic, violent present.

About the Artists

Hương Ngô

Hương Ngô is an artist whose research-based practice connects personal and political histories using a conceptual, interdisciplinary, and often collaborative approach. Performance and, alternately, the absented body and its traces are strongly present in her work, which often asks how the ideological imprints itself on our material realities and how... go to artist page

Hong-An Trương

Hong-An Trương uses photography, sound, video, and performance to examine histories of war and immigrant and refugee narratives through a decolonial framework. By interrogating archival materials, she examines the production of knowledge through structures of time and memory. Her interdisciplinary projects are premised on the concept that aesthetic battles are... go to artist page

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