February 24 - April 28, 2023

Fulfillment Center, Pt.1

Alexander Si

Alexander Si (New York, NY)

Residency: January 1 - February 26, 2023

Part of Artist-in-Residence

Fulfillment Center, Pt.1

In Fulfillment Center, Pt.1, New York-based artist Alexander Si investigates the delivery portion of Amazon’s production chain through performance, printmaking, sculptures, installation, and participatory social practice work. The exhibition unveils what and who’s really at stake in the e-commerce giant’s fulfillment and delivering process. Following the research of invisible labors in Si’s recent projects like “sweet green” and “170 FORSYTH”, Fulfillment Center., Pt.1 is the first iteration and the beginning of the artist’s fascination and investigation of Amazon.

About the Artist

Alexander Si

Alexander Si (b. 1996, 09/17) is a multidisciplinary, project-based artist who’s body of work documents and examines subjects in American popular culture that exposes invisible labor, class and racial disparity, and the mental and behavioral repercussions of media and technology. Working at the intersection of sculpture, performance, video, and installation,... go to artist page

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