Kiss The Floor
Kiss The Floor

KISS THE FLOOR is a show that builds from TRAP DOOR, a recent performance project that ran at Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago in January 2023. TRAP DOOR was an experimental performance and musical score that began as a nonlinear inquiry into body politics and love in a climate of violence. KISS THE FLOOR follows the narrative of TRAP DOOR across painting, sculpture, and video to find portals to the fantastic in everyday space.

The exhibition centers around a monumental hopscotch sidewalk game formed in a spiral. This vortex mirrors itself in large-scale beaded relief wall works where the human body is transported into a black hole. Here bodies are malleable and time is unfixed. Nereida Patricia uses afro-futuristic technologies and Peruvian and Caribbean symbolism to imagine the space outside of systems of oppression. The human form, which passes through the black hole is seen abstracted in latex body cutouts, which are repurposed from fetishware fabric. A video shows Patricia playing hopscotch outside with music and spoken word accompaniment.

About the Artist

Nereida Patricia

Nereida Patricia is a visual artist and poet based in Brooklyn, NY. Patricia’s practice spans sculpture, painting, and performance. Her work draws from Peruvian and Caribbean symbolism, as well as autobiographical fragments, to explore race, gender, and sexual politics. She is most well-known for her highly detailed glass beaded relief... go to artist page

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