Healing The Land
Healing The Land

The Committee of 500 Years of Resistance officially formed in 1992, in response to the celebration of the anniversary of the first voyage of Christopher Columbus. Since then, the Committee has served as a foundation for education, support, and public engagement in regard to Indigenous Rights. Our longest campaign has been to advocate for the change of the Cleveland Major League Baseball Team. With that mission accomplished, we can truly begin to Heal The Land.

The Committee of 500 Years seeks to use the gallery space as a forum to lift up Indigenous Rights causes to the public. Now that the shadow of the Cleveland Team has lifted, Indigenous voices can be heard beyond the mascot, beyond the myth. It is our goal to use this opportunity to highlight the continued and future work of the Committee of 500 Years to honour Indigenous Peoples and to advocate for the causes that impact our communities. It is also a venue that we hope to gather public support and find new allies in our work.

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