April 12 - May 10, 2024

Faith By Night

Joseph Liatela (New York , NY)

Part of Artist-in-Residence

Faith By Night
Faith By Night
Faith By Night
Faith By Night

Created and conceived by Joseph Liatela 'Faith By Night' is an installation and performance work evoking spaces of nightlife, religion, and memorial as sites of communal power and struggle, joy and anguish, acceptance and salvation, and most of all, remembrance. Through employing the visual languages of these cultural spaces of simultaneous belonging and alienation, 'Faith By Night' seeks to expand the definition of the sacred to include the architectures, bodies, and relationships it is rarely attributed to.

Photos by Amber N. Ford

About the Artist

Joseph Liatela

Joseph Liatela is an interdisciplinary artist based in New York City. He is fascinated with how spaces of gathering shape how we perceive ourselves and one another, as well as and how absence, loss, and possibility intersect. Using performance, sculpture, and video, he makes work that examines issues of memorial,... go to artist page

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