The Plain Dealer | Kathleen Murphy Colan  |  November 15, 2010

Spaces Gallery Benefit & Art Auction App to the Future

Someone finally figured out what to do with the mountains of computer refuse produced by a society racing toward a technological utopia: Decorate. That's what a team of party planners creatively accomplished for Spaces Gallery's annual benefit and art auction Nov. 6. The heady theme, "App to the Future," played on the crossroads of technology and art. Nearly 500 art lovers and patrons embraced the idea with costumes and checkbooks. As usual, dozens of local and regional artists participated in the auction by supplying art. Clever costumes such as Atari joysticks, dresses made from compact discs and outfits constructed of old phone cords were represented along with a robot, a social-media dashboard and a Facebook page. As for decor, walls were covered with artfully arranged computer keyboards strewn with lights as well as hundreds of hanging computer mice covered in tinfoil. A giant dinosaur-shape made of used CDs covered one wall. Event co-chair Shelley Freed said she hoped the party would raise $40,000 for Spaces.

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