Cleveland Scene | Joseph Clark  |  February 23, 2011

Brunch With Broken Instruments

Spaces Gallery

Brunch With Broken Instruments

Post-modernism, music, and bakery come together this morning at Spaces Gallery during "Brunch With Broken Instruments," an experiential happening organized by the artists-in-residence of Machine Project. The musical/performance art/educational/pirate troupe out of Los Angeles uses the communal experience of a shared meal to structure an experiment in "unmelodious melodies." The event takes place around sculptor Nate Page's couchbleachers, an interactive installation that is exactly what it sounds like: a stair-stepped pile of cozy thrift-store sofas stacked ceiling-high. Shoes are forbidden, but you'll still feel really tall. Today's brunch is just part of Machine Project's ongoing Camp Cleveland event, continuing through April 1 at Spaces Gallery, 2220 Superior Viaduct. For more information, call 216-621-2314 or go to Joseph Clark

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