Hyperallergic | Jillian Steinhauer  |  July 16, 2016

A Life in Activism and Comics: An Interview with Joyce Brabner

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS - There's a good chance that if you think you know Joyce Brabner, you're picturing actress Hope Davis: a chronically serious woman whose small face is hidden behind a heavy head of long brown hair and big, round glasses. In reality, Brabner's hair hasn't been that long for a while, and she is serious, but not that serious, she tells me. Soon into our conversation, I can see what she means: Brabner doesn't smile much, but she has wry sense of humor. She speaks for stretches of time, in paragraphs and pages, but peppered throughout are one-liners that - as a journalist, at least - you know immediately you need to get down. Comments like "I had to wade through a lot of sticky testosterone to get to where I am," which is not only vivid enough to call up something surreal, but also funny, because it's true.

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