New Art Examiner  |  May 30, 2021

A Hot Take From a Newbie Who arrived in Cleveland During a Pandemic

Ohio was, once upon a time, a swing state; a pendulum every four years that foretold the political outcome for the rest of the nation. As the state went, the country went. At least until 2020, when it missed the mark by eight points. But the power of the swing state mythos is undeniably formative in how Ohioans view themselves, in particular because it is a marker of national visibility. Other swing states in the vicinity include Pennsylvania and Michigan. The three states have interwoven narratives of labor, post-industrial decline, and rapid demographic changes. These themes have been at the crux of contemporary art in the United States. Ohio presents a concentration of the diverse ends of the political spectra, and, as a result, it offers particularly rich material for arts incubation.

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By Tizziana Baldenebro, New Art Examiner

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