Ideastream Public Media  |  December 15, 2021

Cuyahoga Arts and Culture awards over $400,000 to support artists and community groups

Cuyahoga Arts and Culture (CAC) announced grants totaling $410,000 Wednesday - and the majority of it will help support individual artists.

CAC distributes cigarette tax revenue to area non-profits for arts and cultural activities. In some cases, those funds are regranted to individual artists as well as community arts projects. For 2022, CAC Executive Director Jill Paulsen says $260,000 is designated to help artists through programs administered by three well-known organizations, SPACES, Karamu House and Julia de Burgos Cultural Arts Center.

“Each of them has had a running period now for two or three years of really doing some amazing programing,” Paulsen said.

And each of them distributes the artist funding through special programs. At SPACES, 10 Cuyahoga County artists will receive money through the Urgent Art Fund. Eight visual artists and eight performing artists will receive funding through Karamu’s Room in the House Residency. At Julia de Burgos, 10 area artists will be funded through Unidos por el Arte. Depending on the program, the awardees will also get access to such things as creative spaces, tools and other resources, in addition to flexible funding.

By David C. Barnett, Ideastream Public Media

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