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CAN Blog  |  September 26, 2023


In 1982 no one I knew could stop listening to Prince’s iconic record celebrating the apocalypse, 1999. The record’s title song reminded us in robotic-alien voice that no harm would come, “Don’t-worry-I-won’t-hurt-you-I-only-want-you-to-have-some-fun.” This sense of dancing on the grave of white patriarchal capitalism is at the heart of Vivica Satterwhite’s installation in Toby’s Vault at SPACES (on view through October 20).

Visitors enter F is For Freedom through Ada Pinkston’s Searching For Mother Tongues, which sets the tone for Satterwhite’s darkroom-esque installation. Satterwhite’s subjects are fast cars and glamorous dancers at work, and the artist’s eye for capturing the pure erotic athleticism of moving bodies and the energy and burlesque-neon colors of the dance club is impressive. Likewise, Satterwhite’s photographs depict the ethos–the glitter, glamour, speed, and extravagance of the dance club and of the hooptie subculture of the neighborhood. And the photo installation depicting the tricked-out autos is the backdrop for a female subject who confidently bears her gold teeth, which visually echo the chrome wheels and 1970s-gold of the over-sized rims and glistening-gold paint of the cars around her.

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