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CAN Blog  |  September 27, 2023


Ada Pinkston’s Searching for Mother Tongues, on view at SPACES through October 30, is a multi-media installation in the Gund Gallery revealing the realities of pregnancy, childbirth, aftercare, and advocacy among Black women. The exhibition didactic reminds us that since 1985, the mortality rate for pregnant women has continued to rise. Given the consistent presence of structural racism, Black women die more frequently during pregnancy, the birth process, and while recovering postnatally.[1] While honest discussions and depictions of pregnancy and birth–with thick vulvas wide-open, blood, slimy water, placenta, and soiled infant (eyes sealed shut, alien like, with yellow ear-waxy-buildup or excess hair on skin) are uncommon in many social circles, Searching for Mother Tongues inserts these normally private stories of trauma and resilience into the contemporary gallery space.

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