Soursop Stories


Soursop Stories is a collaborative project that seeks to showcase the richness of Caribbean culture through the lens of two Afro-Caribbean women. Founding members, Gabrielle Shipley and Dr. Munirah Bomani, are both classically trained dancers and local choreographers. Dr. Bomani has trained in four continents in ballet, latin dance, the Orishas and other Afro-Caribbean folk dance over the past 20 years. She also serves as a primary care physician to the urban Cleveland community. Mrs. Shipley has trained in ballet, modern dance, post - modern dance and various forms of Afro-Caribbean folk dance in The Bahamas, New York and Cleveland over the past 20 years. Both Dr. Bomani and Mrs. Shipley have presented independently choreographed work within local choreographic incubators and showcases.

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