Ann Hanrahan

Cleveland, OH and New York State


In her paintings and works on paper, Ann Hanrahan responds to what she calls the bombardment of information that she encounters every day with a deliberative process that seeks to keep order and chaos in constant, if pre- carious, balance. Imposing regularized patterns on more intuitively rendered forms, she creates drawings and paintings that seem to barely contain the idiosyncratic energy that animates them.
"Within my manipulation of shapes, drawn lines and found or invented patterns is a relationship that I wish to convey on my panels. I want two idea streams to share space: the build up of disparate, singular forms intuitively drawn on the panel surface, combined with the repetitive, equalizing nature of the imposed pattern. I am experimenting with the notion of hierarchy established and upended all at once.
"Idiosyncratic drawings act as the foundation for each of my paintings. The unrelated, defamiliarized elements and line work are always changing and derive from my everyday surroundings or even from the drawing itself. The subsequent, generic pattern acts in opposition to the personal drawings and serves to unify the separate factors. I intentionally challenge this equalizing nature as I maintain the integrity of certain drawn details by continuing to bring them forward in the layering process. My desired resolution is enigmatic, an ambiguous presentation of formal elements adhered to and disenfranchised at the same time.
"Color operates in both phases of the paintings. It is used expressively within the drawing and analytically as part of the process. Just as in puzzle solving, I use a loose style of guess and check, bifurcation, and backtracking. In my case all of the wrong turns are recorded and incorporated into the painting."

Ann Hanrahan received her MFA and BFA from Kent State University. She has shown at KSU School of Art Main Gallery, Kent, OH; Downtown Gallery, Kent; Studio M, Massillon Museum, Massillon, Ohio; KSU Painting Gallery, Kent; Gallery 138, Kent, among others.

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