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Sabina Haque

Portland, OR


Sabina Haque's work draws on oral histories, video performance, and hand-drawn animation to
explore the turbulent transformations of identity and place. In 2016- 2017 Haque was awarded a
year-long residency at the Portland Archives and Records Center (PARC). The artist will
collaborate with PARC staff to explore Portland neighborhoods east of 82nd Avenue and to
unravel the history of exclusion and inclusion in this community. The multi-media work attracted
multiple youth tours as well as grant monies from eastside funders including the Jade-Midway
Placemaking program to extend the installation and offer programming for high school students
from underrepresented communities to explore using art as a means of personal expression,
civic engagement, and community empowerment. "Our CITY, Our Voice-a creative place-
keeping project" featured zines, posters, and a 100ft banner all created by students of Madison
High School calling to attention the need for more affordable housing, the lost history of the
neighborhoods, and the need for a more sustainable future.

Haque was awarded in 2015 Haque was a TEDxMtHood speaker and TEDx artist-in- residence
and awarded the 2014 Oregon Art Commission Individual Artist Fellowship. Haque received an
M.F.A in Painting from Boston University in 1998 and teaches Fine Art at Portland State
University, Oregon. Haque exhibits her work nationally and internationally. Noteworthy exhibits
include solo and group shows at Avampato Museum of Art, Bowery Gallery in NYC, the Boston
Contemporary Art Center, the Los Angeles Arts and Cultural Center, the SAVAC Visual Arts
Center, Toronto, Canada and Koel Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan. Her artworks are in noted public
collections including the Gordon Gilkey Print Center at the Portland Art Museum and the Jordan
Schnitzer Collection and City of Portland's and the City of Seattle's Public Portable Art

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