Anna Lorich Akers

Norfolk, VA


Anna Lorich Akers founded Lorak Designs Fine Jewelry in 2009, after finishing graduate school and receiving her MFA degree from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2006. Anna's fine art jewelry has been featured in numerous galleries, publications, and museums. In addition to her narrative, and material exploratory fine art works, she wished to create a line of contemporary fine jewelry that explores the artful interpretation of traditional jewelry mediums of silver and gold, with mixed gemstones.

Anna attributes her collection's aesthetic to a variety of inspirations, ranging from her love of artifacts, especially those of the ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations, to her adoration of Scandinavian design. Her conceptual mantra manifests timeless objects of elegance in the simplicity of shape and design with a propensity for the natural world as well as traditional handmade craftsmanship. It is therefore hardly surprising that the modus operandi behind each of her pieces is simplicity itself... pieces she herself wishes to wear.

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