Arzu Ozkal

San Diego, CA


"Arzu is a traveler. She has begun her journey in 2002 by leaving Ankara: the city of politicians, bureaucrats and blue collars... Then she started wandering off from one city to the other, allowing new places, people, ideas and experiences to influence her work. As new experiences unfold, she tries to question dogmas, traditions, laws, and patriarchal value systems through videos, public interventions and performances."

Arzu Ozkal has shown at Pera Museum, Istanbul; Galeria Zero, Barcelona, MIT Visual Arts, Boston; New Media Fest, Cologne, Germany; and Botanical Garden of the University of Coibra. Portugal, among others. She participated in a residency program in Bodrum, Turkey. She received an MFA in Computer Art from SUNY Buffalo and a BFA in Graphic Design from Bilkent University.

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