Asher Hartman

Los Angeles, CA

Asher Hartman lives and works in Los Angeles. He graduated in theater at UCLA and in studio art at CalArts.

Recent exhibitions include "Purple Electric Play!" Machine Project, "Glass Bang" with Machine Project as part of Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in LA, and at Southern Exposure, San Francisco; "The Florida Room" at Cannonball, Miami, FL; "See What Love The Father Has Given Us," at Machine Project; "The All Stars of Non-Violet Communication," at LACE, Human Resources and Highways Performance Space; "Annie Okay" at The Hammer Museum/Machine Project, AIR, Los Angeles, "Halfway to Vegas," Culver Center of the Arts, Riverside; "Krystal Krunch: The Never Been to Me Tour," (with Haruko Tanaka) at the Walker Art Center" Minneapolis, "Bad Thing" at Sea and Space Explorations, Los Angeles; "Mind Reading for the Left and Right Brain" as Krystal Krunch (with Haruko Tanaka) and Mark Allen and Sara Roberts, at The Hayward Gallery (London); The Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh.

Curatorial projects include exhibitions at the Sweeney Art Gallery, (Riverside), Kristi Engle Gallery, Sea and Space Explorations, Track 16, LACE, Monte Vista Projects, and Highways Performance Space in Los Angeles. Recent film festivals include "MIX/NYC," "Migrating Forms," New York, "Sydney Underground Film Festival," Sydney, Australia and "The London Underground Film Festival."

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