Emily Lacy

Los Angeles, CA


Emily Lacy is a folk and electronic sound artist generating works in music, film, and other media. Her work investigates confrontations between economics, politics, language, and power, and is increasingly concerned with the rights and lives of women and children around the world. Her performances and recordings have been included in various exhibitions at PS1 MOMA, REDCAT, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Hammer Museum, the Walker Art Center, and LACMA, in addition to various DIY spaces and community centers all throughout America.

Lacy writes folk music for the modern era. Informed by singers like Townes Van Zandt and Bob Dylan, her voice is anything but ordinary. Active in LA underground music since the mid-2000′s her sense of urgency will surprise you. Though inspired by the folk tradition, after recording over 15 albums in her young career and working with major art museums across America to present her own unique version of sound art, she continues to challenge classification. Finding a place where folk and punk inspire us to revel in the homemade, she opens up a world that we can hear.

I believe in making committed and active performance environments where sound and vision are joined into a wild trance of human exchange. Together in our parade, we can make a way forward.

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