Marc Lafia

Brooklyn, NY


Marc Lafia works with photography, narrative, new media, computation and the moving image to consider the image in its many modes and instantiations. In all of these works he explores the limits of the image, of narrative, of art, of knowledge and sense making, of media.

His varied online works include, 'This Battle of Algiers' a commissioned work from The Tate Modern and The Whitney Museum of American Art, 'The Memex Engine, or Lara Croft Striped Bare by her Assassins Even' exhibited at The Walker Art Center and Georges Pompidou, 'Ambient Machines' which premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival and the SFMoMA and 'Variable Montage' exhibited at the Beijing Art Academy.

In his many films including 'Exploding Oedipus', 'Love & Art', and 'Confessions of an Image' as well as numerous smaller computational and permutational films, he probes what it is to construct an image, to forge systems of representation, to re-write our viewing benchmarks as we move from analog to digital. These works have been exhibited in seminal exhibitions on net art and future cinema including 'Net Condition' and 'Future Cinema' at the ZKM, Germany, the ICC Tokyo, Node-L, The Canary Islands Biennale for Architecture 2007and other international museums, art centers and Festivals.

In his photography work, 'The Event of the Image', 'The Image Remembered', 'American Flags', 'Still, an Image' and his recent project, 'F4, The Photography Desktop Collective' all present the beauty and power of an image while simultaneously functioning as examinations and explorations of the nature of the image. Lafia is as interested in images-their beauty, their composition-as he is in photography, or what he calls "imaging."

His work seeks to reveal its workings, comment on its history, perform it, and finally, reconfigure it. In his images there is always another image which is the image becoming. His works repeatedly asks: What are the possibilities of imaging? How does the image become? How does it go?

Marc has taught in the graduate schools of Stanford University, the San Francisco Art Institute. Pratt Institute of Design and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He is currently teaching at Columbia University. He has also won numerous awards as an information architect, music video conceptualist and exhibited experimental and long form films internationally. He is also the founder of He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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